most people think that people who shop at american eagle want to fit in, but that's not true. people sometimes think that they don't have enough money to shop at abercrombie, so they shop here. american eagle has really cute stuff.
i love their clothes. they have the cutest skirts that you can wear for any occasion. they also have really cute jeans. i love their jeans because any figure can fit those jeans w/ a good fit.
by <3 liz March 24, 2005
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a store that people like to talk shit about, apparently.

their clothes are cute, a lot of the time. they're not the best made clothes in the universe, but they're not bad either. they can be a little more than i can afford sometimes, but if that's the case, there's always the clearance rack.

really, when it comes down to it, they're just clothes. you're probably missing out on meeting a lot of cool people if you judge people by what they wear
"oh my god, look, that girl is wearing american eagle. she thinks she's preppy, but really she just can't afford abercrombie and fitch"

"um, really? who cares."
by jclairet July 29, 2009
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Only THE coolest store you can go to in the mall. Not only does it sell quality clothes at a reasonable price! You can get jeans there for $29.95... that's a decent price for name brand jeans..
Mollie: OMG Ashley, I just got a pair of jeans for $25! How awesome!
Ashley: Why didn't you get me a pair?
by Sexy Prep January 01, 2005
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An airline subsidiary of American Airlines. They operate smaller aircraft in order to provide feeder service from smaller markets to their hubs in Dallas, New York, Chicago, and Miami.

"I booked an American Airlines flight, but it's actually operated by American Eagle."
by PittsburghItalian December 11, 2006
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Great store that sells clothes. Kinda smells funny in there though...
You smell like American Eagle.
by Sinstone February 25, 2005
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A real great clothing store. They sell very cute and casual clothes.
Personally i like AE more than Hollister because Hollister just seem too beach bummy..theres holes in everything and the clothes dont seem to fit anyone in the :large: catagory,But AE fits everyone and has different types of clothing not only for preps. if you walk into the store they play a wide variety of music.
Oh, and their models actually show the clothing...not their bodies haha.
I've been shopping at AE for 5 years(before it was popular) and they have not changed their comfy casual clothing. My all-time favorite store.
And for those who hate American Eagle just because its popular...try on a shirt...theres a reason this place is so popular :
by Mhelai November 04, 2006
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A clothing shop; often considered to be the place where preps shop. They are known for the vintage, rugged style. Clothing items often priced high.
I got this worn-out shirt from American Eagle. It's awesome!
by Ryan March 12, 2004
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