A store where basically everything goes on clearance after a month, making the $40 price tag on a skirt much more affordable. Generally confused with being preppy, American Eagle sells beachy clothing. Before you say AE is preppy, compare it to Brooks Brothers or Lilly Pulitzer. See my point?

A good place to get stuff to layer. Just don't make my mistake and go into AE looking for bright preppy colors. AE's colors are basically limited to: Navy, Brown, Forest Green, Puse, and Burgundy. I liked their kahki and white shorts, it's hard to find simple items like plain shorts anymore.
Grace: Like omg I'm wearing American Eagle! I am such a prep!

Muffy: Like heck you are, have you ever even been in a REAL prep store before? Not that crappy AE and Abercrombie junk that fits to tight. *smoothes our pink flower print skirt*
by spiffyprep July 20, 2006
Just a clothing brand.
- No we aren't trying to be preps or someother label
- No it's not a wannabee abercrombie, If I wanted Abercrombie I would buy it
- Yes, I'm aware people hate AE, good for them, I don't like everything they wear but I don't bitch about it

Ever think that we wear it because its comfortable and like the way it looks?
Idiot: Your a fake prep, if you had money you would be abercrombie not American Eagle!

AE wearer: Why are you putting lables are people? and If I wanted Abercrombie I would buy it, and trust me I have enough money to wear Abercrombie, I just like AE better. Their just clothes.
by Jersey Kid January 26, 2008
An nice store with fashionable, comfortable clothing. Most think that this store is for preps, but a true prep would never be found anywhere near this store. The clothes are somewhat cheaper than abercrombie and fitch, and in my opinion a lot less slutty and a lot more comfortable (if you buy the correct size). Clearance racks here are THE BEST. You can get a kickass pair of jeans for 15$, and if you can't afford that then you are just dirt poor, hun.
Just because you shop here doesn't mean you are trying to "fit in," because you can layer the shirts to look different than what everyone else is wearing, if you wish. And I'm pretty sure that everyone wears jeans, so just because you buy a pair of jeans here doesn't mean you are trying to fit in. It means you like comfy jeans, dammit.
They have clothes for everyone. It isn't only for preps.
I don't buy stuff there to be "cool," i buy stuff there because i like it.
People who disgrace this store are so pathetically desperate to "not fit in" that they don't notice how awesome this place is.
So yeah.
Kid1: omigod you shop at American Eagle you are such a poser/prep/unoriginal person!!!!11111shift

Kid2: Hahahahaaaa.... no. These jeans are really comfy, try 'em.

Kid1 tries on the jeans.

Kid1: These ARE comfy! I'm gonna buy some right now but i have to hide the brand name so I'm not accused of being a poser/prep/etc....

Kid2: -sigh-
by Yeahperson September 03, 2007
its funny how ppl are saying, real preps were polo and lactose, and American Eagle is just a poser brand. Did you ever think that people don't buy the clothes because they wanna be a prep? Maybe they buy the clothes because they like the way they look *gasp* thats a new concept
Prep: Oh my gawd, your a American Eagle poser, your not wearing lactose.

AE Wearer: Maybe I'm not trying to be a prep, maybe its stupid paying a lot of money for clothes, when a cooler cheap alternative is right in front of you
by marco55 August 22, 2007
most people think that people who shop at american eagle want to fit in, but that's not true. people sometimes think that they don't have enough money to shop at abercrombie, so they shop here. american eagle has really cute stuff.
i love their clothes. they have the cutest skirts that you can wear for any occasion. they also have really cute jeans. i love their jeans because any figure can fit those jeans w/ a good fit.
by <3 liz March 24, 2005
A clothing store that isn't clique specific, but caters to a somewhat preppy crowd.

A clothing store that I love.
Girl 1: All but two pairs of my jeans are from American Eagle.

Girl 2: I know, right? I love AE.
by youre_hott July 23, 2008
clothing store where people with a sense of style shop.

Guys who wear AE make the girls melt. Like me. I get more girls than the stud who wears wal-mart.
American Eagle
by aeprep February 25, 2004

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