eatablished in early 1900's took current form (casual clothing) in 1977 (note: that is why many of their items have "77" on them)
by this time Abercrombie and Fitch was still a sporting goods store and then started selling clothes in 1988.. :::comments?? pnaicolada:::
im not an abercrombie and fitch hater i just hate that people think American Eagle is a ripped of version of abercrombie
by Mhelai November 06, 2006
a store for usually preppy people. they have good quality clothes for an okay price. often compared to a&f and hollister, but its actually in some ways alot different. for one thing their smalls are like a large at abercrombie.(no offense to abercrombie or anything, but it is true)
i get like all of my clothes at american eagle
by harper sloane April 30, 2006
A popular, good quality store that sells fashionable and generally affordable clothes to today's youth. Generally mis-labeled as a "prep store" despite the fact that an actual prep wouldn be caught dead wearing AE or anything like that. Cheaper than places like abercrombie and Hollister Co., with a more conservative and clean- cut style. Ignorant people who hate the so called popular kids in school (that generally wear these sort of clothes) like to bash this store, disgracing websites like In addition AE has a GUYS SECTION, so just because a guy (like me) likes to wear clothes from this store DOES NOT make them gay or bisexual.
Yes i wear American Eagle, you have a problem with that?
by whatshisfaceryan December 06, 2006
Teens of good character wear these shirts to declare "I Love My Country!". In the same closets of these teens you will find Aeropostale shirts meaning "I Love My Daddy" and Hollister shirts meaning "I Love My Mommy".
Teen: I will be patriotic on July 4th and wear my American Eagle shirt.
by oibeachnc December 13, 2008
a laid-back prep/surf-style store that sells clothes to teens other than 12-year-old anorexics and sluts; unlike most teen stores, the clothes actually fit if you buy the right size.
I went to American Eagle this weekend for some new summer clothes.
by kaleigh somers February 27, 2007
Kickass shop usually found in malls. A shop with preppy-style shirts, but who gives a fuck. Their shirts are awesome, hilarious, and you can get some for half the price of Abercrombie's shirts. People that diss this shop are (1.)fucking retarded, (2.)havent even been there, (3.)or they just hate an asshole that happens to be a "Prep", so they stereotype all preps.
Look at that fuckin awesome shirt from AE!
by getoffmywaves May 30, 2005
a less expensive version of abercrombie. american eagle doesn't have a brand stamped on every single one of their shirts. that's what i like about it.
they have the cutest skirts. i love their beach skirts, they work really well w/ converses.
by nerdy grl March 23, 2005

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