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American Eagle is a store where clothing is sold. Shopping there doesn't make you a snob/prep/rich bitch etc... I make a killing @ the clearance rack cuz boyfriend/artist jeans for $30 makes my ass look phenomenal. NOT because I want to look like everyone else. And that's coming from an 18 year old black chick who's a working college student. kthxbye.
Damn, Kristi. Where did u get those jeans?
From American Eagle.
:disgusted face: Eww. You shop there?!
Bitch, don't front. You liked the jeans before you found out they were AE...
by proud AE shopper July 17, 2006
A store with slightly expensive, highly fashionable clothing. By some, seen as a lower priced version of Abercrombie . Clothing is,ironically, often made outside of the United States. Probably uses child labour.
I got the coolest shirt at American Eagle.
by Adam April 26, 2004
American Eagle is a service of American Airlines usually consisting of a small (sometimes prop, but also sometimes jet) plane. It's usually used to go to more obscure/smaller airports.
When we got to Miami, we had to take American Eagle to get to Nassau.
by Orochinagi July 04, 2005
a store that has the best clothes and accessories.
most people bitch about how its for posers and rich preps but they are only jealous because they would never look good in the clothes or they cant afford them because they are stubborn losers who dont shop there because they want to try and act "different" and cool in front of their equally loser friends eventhough all of them are the same so they arent actually being "different" now are they? i think not
group of goth kids: "check out that loser in the american eagle shirt, she is so not different like us"
girl: "too bad everyone of you is wearing all black...not very different is you ask me so quit your bitching"
by courtney March 26, 2005
A clothing shop; often considered to be the place where preps shop. They are known for the vintage, rugged style. Clothing items often priced high.
I got this worn-out shirt from American Eagle. It's awesome!
by Ryan March 12, 2004
not bad clothing, kinda pricey for me, people that wear it tend to be a little annoying, not saying all are, just a lot of kida wear them to fit in, and probably give the true american eaglers a bad name. though i dont like the style so much cus they are over charging for faded jeans and ripped jeans, and i mean, come on people, save soe money and buy at filenes and get out a little.
american eagle isnt a stereotype, but definately has people that soil the name
by Why cant we be friends April 30, 2005
A awesome store!! They have the cutest skirts,uggs,polos,and really good deals on bags! Only people w/ good fasion could ever shop at American Eagle!!!
That polo from AE is so cute!
by pink and green lover March 02, 2005
a shitty store where preps shop, and get all their colthes. it is filled with overpriced clothing items, that only rich people can afford. somewhat like hollister and abercrombie and fitch
not a prep: ew, look at her outfit. its all preppy.
not a prep2: i know, it must be from american eagle, what a rich prep! i feel sorry for her.
by NOTAPREP April 23, 2008