Those idiots that think that Europe is a country, not a continent.
American: Bro I went to Europe last week and it was awesome!
Me: Where did you go?
American: I went to Europe, genius.
Me: You fucking idiot...
by ClandHad May 13, 2016
Logically you would think the word "american" stands for someone from North or south America, but..

On the internet the words definition has been changed, it is more commonly used to describe an ignorant, mindwashed, stupid or dumb person.

For example you could see a comment like This "are you american or something?" on a video or tweet, that is plainly dumb or too stupid to ever have been thought about
Are you american or something?

It's okay, you're probably American

That is so american of you
by Simon J.R.K January 20, 2016
One born or who grew up in Puerto Rico, but has moved into and/or has lived in the US of A for a long period of time.
Watered down or Americanized Puerto Rican.

May not completely fit in here nor there.

Since once there (in PR), they will be seen as Ame-Rican.

Once here (in mainland US of A), they will still seem foreign but are still Ame-Rican.
FYI: Anyone born in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico IS an American citizen, automatically. Hence the reason, that in 2005, all born in PR required a NEW birth certificate as proof of birth and automatic citizenship.
Those born in Puerto Rico come in ever color under the sun.
Puerto Rican is NOT a race, it is a birth place.
Attitude makes you Rican, nothing else.
I have lived in Kentucky since 1976, having moved there from Puerto Rico when I was 11. I consider myself an Ame-Rican.
#rican #american #transplant #citizen #americanized
by ID-Whovian October 07, 2014
A term that Americans' use to describe the language that they speak, which is English
I do in fact speak American!
by TheChangGirl January 08, 2016
The ultimate center of steriotypes. Steriotyped as unintelligent, obese, and corrupt toward other countries. Of course, there are people like this is in America, but you will find them elsewhere, too. Also catagorized as redneck, demanding, bitchy (in males and females,) and spell terribly, but these are not as common.
Look at that fat American girl over there telling her Dad in a bitchy way how she got an F on her report card in a redneck voice!

Wow, she really gives that country a bad name.
#fatass #dumbass #bitch ass #richass #steriotyped
by The American who is mad April 25, 2011
Usually what you call yourself if you were born in North America. So many young people are spoiled and ungrateful for the roof over their heads, their paid-for education, and the fact that they can just walk into the kitchen and be full. So many people slack in school and would rather party and enjoy their youth instead of think about their futures and how that will impact the lives of their children someday. We can be shallow, uninterested in the rest of the world around us, ignorant and just plain stupid.
But not all Americans drive a Mustang, wear five pounds of make-up on their faces, stuff their faces, or play Xbox until 3 a.m. We don't all speak one language,(I'm on my way to speaking four) and yes, some of us hated Bush as much as you did. Some people are incredibly intelligent, some actually having ambition, aiming to study at the most prestigious schools in the country like Yale, Harvard, and Stanford. Obesity is a major problem here, but so are anorexia and bulimia, especially inteen girls. We call Futbol soccer, and American Football, Football. Calling soccer Futbol here will make people think you mean American Football, because Real Madrid is definitely not an American Football team here. I don't understand the American Football craze;being of Latino descent I do understand the FUTBOL craze, and if you ask around, yes some people can actually name five European club teams.
Why do us Americans only dream of traveling to France and Italy? Both beautiful places, but why not open our eyes and see the other places we can discover, like Argentina, Columbia, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Fiji, Egypt, Portugal, Ghana and Spain? Its a big world and living in a single culture all your life is as boring as The Hills.
#futbol #obesity #accents #language #america #college #immigration #latino
by Percyomadridista January 11, 2011
Greedy people that cant take a joke.
Wow, that guy is so american.
#greedy #cant take joke #rude #non caring #douches.
by DaMann February 11, 2015
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