Greedy people that cant take a joke.
Wow, that guy is so american.
by DaMann February 11, 2015
Usually what you call yourself if you were born in North America. So many young people are spoiled and ungrateful for the roof over their heads, their paid-for education, and the fact that they can just walk into the kitchen and be full. So many people slack in school and would rather party and enjoy their youth instead of think about their futures and how that will impact the lives of their children someday. We can be shallow, uninterested in the rest of the world around us, ignorant and just plain stupid.
But not all Americans drive a Mustang, wear five pounds of make-up on their faces, stuff their faces, or play Xbox until 3 a.m. We don't all speak one language,(I'm on my way to speaking four) and yes, some of us hated Bush as much as you did. Some people are incredibly intelligent, some actually having ambition, aiming to study at the most prestigious schools in the country like Yale, Harvard, and Stanford. Obesity is a major problem here, but so are anorexia and bulimia, especially inteen girls. We call Futbol soccer, and American Football, Football. Calling soccer Futbol here will make people think you mean American Football, because Real Madrid is definitely not an American Football team here. I don't understand the American Football craze;being of Latino descent I do understand the FUTBOL craze, and if you ask around, yes some people can actually name five European club teams.
Why do us Americans only dream of traveling to France and Italy? Both beautiful places, but why not open our eyes and see the other places we can discover, like Argentina, Columbia, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Fiji, Egypt, Portugal, Ghana and Spain? Its a big world and living in a single culture all your life is as boring as The Hills.
by Percyomadridista January 11, 2011
By what i've readen here the most of Americans are sleazy and pederast guys and dopes.
Guy#1: Do you like sex, alcohol and drugs?
Yankee: Yes, I'm American.
by joaopedrous October 06, 2012
Some of them are smart, attractive, normal people...

Ohers are fat,ugly and stupid as a sock

Good at beliveing almost anything and making up lies.

Americans are normally found to be of all ethnicities but are mainy stereotyped as Christians.
Person 1 - Hey look it's an american!
Person 2 - Is it fat?
Person 1 - Nope.
Person 2 - Oh, i thought they were all fat...
Person 1 - Apparently not.
by Oggle Boggle October 14, 2010
Burger lovin, arrogant slappin, ape like creatures that live under rocks and can often be seen swimming out to see to catch mermaids.
European: Look at dat american, he be swimming like a flid

Other European: Let's entice him with some KFC.

European: Hot damn! Dude.

Other European: Bet he be swimmin for Europe to try and sell some shite.

Other European: You stick your foot on his head and drown dat yank

European: Hot Diggity! You bet dude
by Jeff Clarke January 18, 2012
The people of the greatest nation in the world. We respect other cultures, and are tolerant, unlike European people who stereotype us as fat and lazy. FYI, everyone in America doesn't like McDonalds... in fact many of us don't... and by the way there is McDonalds EVERYWHERE!!

George W. Bush is in no way an example of a "typical" American. In reality, there are no "typical" Americans... We are a melting pot of many cultures.

So before you diss the Americans, think of this.

OUR ANCESTORS ARE ITALIAN, SPANISH, GERMAN, FRENCH, SWISS, GREEK, etc. So yeah keep insulting yourselves =D
*German guy*: Americans are fat and dumb.
*American w/ German ancestry*:Yeah dude, our ancestors were cousins. Think it through
by mkay* February 19, 2009
1. A language spoken in the United stated, derived from English that developed through the usage of various regional terms such as:

a. Main street USA: rock-n-roll, slurpee, bud(weiser), dude, dudett, disco-sucks, bro, broski, brodenski, christian values, french benefits, Fox News, intelligent design, black conservative, Tea Party, progressive politics, white-collar trash, hanging chad, the 'facts', coke (the drug), coke, jazzy, nigger, picnic def. 9 UD, white trash, pedophile, restraint, a moment of quiet reflection.
b. Irreducible hillbilly talk: yeller, tard, har, rooaaad, shine, white-lightnin, white-paar, git‘er-dun, fried hog, fried butta, hang 'em, ignernt.
c. The ghetto: wat-up homie, don't make me bone you ho, partay, playa, po-po, 5-O, chronic, crack, cracker, crack-pipe, crack-ho, pimpin ain't easy, breastesies, juice (aka kool-aide).
d. East LA: taco, burrito, fuck-it holmes, low-rider, manana, puto, no-speek-english, tamale, la migra, get in the back foo!, Santana, restraining order, I ain't Puerto Rican S.A., whats-up cellie.
e. New York City: cabbie, fo-get-about-it, you gonna eat that, soup-nazi, Coco, Trump, fuck-you-honky, no... fuck-you-nigger, I'm Puerto Rican foo!, pizza, yo.
f. San Francisco: gay, straight, queer, Cher, Rice-A-Roni, kazillion, drag-queen, I'm Puerto Rican silly.

2. The people that speak american.

3. A product or technology developed expressing the values of the american people.

1. Jimbo: "Those messacans outta lern 'american' before they let 'em thru that fence.

Jefferson: "That may be Jimbo, but it don't take much to pick tamaydahs, after a good wollupin'"

Jimbo: "Still... lernin 'american' outta be a law, like lernin the pledge or prayin in school."

2. While the yank toured Europe he insisted on being called an American.

3. Jimbo: "This here's american son, you wont find this quality in a Jap bike. Now pass me that wrench, will ya boy."
by PlanetBJR December 31, 2010

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