An American is a person from the two continents of America but generally the USA people think theyre more american

A person who writes in on urbandictionary to defend the USA by indirectly using stereotypical insults such as "...i could say all british people have bad teeth and drink tea but i won't" is a great example of there ability to undermine their own point

An american is a person who has no or very little geographical knowledge of the wider planet and has never heard of Wales

An american is a person, say bill gates, who has pre programmed all microsoft computers with the English language and failing miserably as they forget the U in colour and neighbour and flavour

Any person from the USA which you will meet and they will say they never voted for bush, and you say to yourself, well someone did i have never met one!

An american who thinks a pound is a burger and not a currency

An american is a person who thinks bugers are an american food invention

An american can be someone who is still hung up on WW2

An american can be also a person who had real strong feelings about the germans even though they were never bombed
theres too many americans

how many americans does it take to throw a dictator out of power who lives in a hole? 2! whos more stupid?

american "beer" sucks

why are americans such cunts?

why do americans think theyre cultured?

why do americans think they have moral high ground?

why do americans hate stereotyping when use it themselves?
#yank #twat #knob #cunt #bellend
by god_sidge October 07, 2009
An American is someone who lives in North America , Central America, And South America

North Americans: Canada,the USA, Mexico, and all the little contries consisting of central america

South Americans: People who live in the continent of south america

When People think of America, they just think of the united states, but really America is just the huge continent. The huge continent is called " The America's" and 953,565,000 live here. About 300,000,000 ppl live in the usa

America is a great place, The majority of us are educated, and are a normal weight.
ignorant person: I hate Americans because they are all gross and dumb

Smart American: You do realize that its not just the united states right? And have you met every one from the America's? No you havent... so shut your dumb ignorant mouth because listening to you is killing my brain cells.
#america #usa #the americas #americans #the world
by leen123456 April 04, 2013
Just another group of people! :) Not fat people who are so dumb they don't know where your or our country is.
Dumb person: mericans are fat and dumb and dnt kno wer der contry or r country is! Tatahahataha!

Smart person: Americans are smarter than you! Now stop stuffing your mouth with pizza! Oh, and instead of sitting around all day why don't you try and finish doing your 2nd grade math.

Dumb person: Becuzzz i haz oter ppl 2 do

Smart person:.....
#smart #nice #healthy #beautiful #america
by Unique252 October 08, 2011
American - adjective


The demonym used to describe a person from any of the America Continents though it is most commonly used when referring to a person who was born in the United States

A synonym for "retard"
A: Where are you from?
B: I'm from The States
A: You're a yank?
B: I prefer the term "American"
A: Well I prefer yank.

A: I can't believe that prat thought 1+1=3
B: He's an American, what do you expect?
#yank #america #americas #north america #south america #central america #tard #retard #idiot #prat #fat #dumb #stupid
by rzhhhh November 04, 2011
Any person from the Americas but usually means someone from the U.S.
Contrary to the popular opinion of other countries (France,England, ect.) we are not all fat, stupid, arrogant, and violent. We still have the leading education system in the world, we are well aware that 1/3 of the world hates us and are not war mongers. If people want to criticize us for stereo typing they should at least avoid using stereo types in their argument. True we do have a obesity problem because of a high fat diet with little exercise to compensate. This is mostly because are nation is spread out across a vast distance and drive everywhere because of that.We are not violent rednecks our country has only fought wars when we believed necessary for the security of our citizens. Which if you look at the middle east and Europe where pretty calm. Also most of you owe your freedom to the U.S. for saving you in world war 2. So next time you say Americans are stupid, dum, violent, and arrogant remember we are leading in education, we saved many countries from being taken over by Nazi Germany. Also we are not all monolingual, all states now require 2 years of the same language to graduate and unlike other countries that require you to learn the native language before getting citizen ship the U.S. does not, in fact we don't even have an official language.

P.S. it's not arrogant to defend you country from slander.
Ese americano es muy amable, inteligente y tiene un excelente español.
For those you who aren't Bilingual maybe you should quit mocking the U.S. and learn some Spanish so you can translate that.
#nice #smart #american #open minded #brave
by 10j03 October 31, 2011
A person who is born in the Americas normaly in referance to the United States

1) Americans are usally considered unintellegent. This is not always true however Americans are known to butcher languages. As amazing as it my be the majority of Americans are intellegent while they my lack common sense.

2) A dialect of English that is spoken in the United States that is then broken down in to about 4 sub-dialects.
Yes, I am American, I can spell and speak correctly/

American: "Hey can I have chip?"
Englishman eating Lays: "These are crisps"
#america #united states #unitelligent #north #south
by The Chickenfoot May 09, 2010
The term American can be used for anyone in the Americas, however its really just people from the U.S.A. If you bring this argument up to anyone who isn't a American from U.S.A they will think we are ignorant because no one else calls Canadians or Mexicans Americans. Even though our full name is the United States of America, is there any other country with America in its title? Yeah, I didn't think so either.
Italian: I'm European.
Canadian: Then I guess I would be American.
Italian: I thought you said you were from Canada?
##american ##u.s.a ## arguments ##canadians ##mexicans
by That's Incredible March 15, 2015
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