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American - adjective


The demonym used to describe a person from any of the America Continents though it is most commonly used when referring to a person who was born in the United States

A synonym for "retard"
A: Where are you from?
B: I'm from The States
A: You're a yank?
B: I prefer the term "American"
A: Well I prefer yank.

A: I can't believe that prat thought 1+1=3
B: He's an American, what do you expect?
by rzhhhh November 04, 2011
Fat, selfish, immature people who are extremely dumb at math. They never stop talking about money. They also think their own country is the best in the world, which makes some European and Asian people think Americans are seriously retarded but they don't bother to mention it because it's not worth it.
We are Americans, we love wars! We're the bestest!
by Nerdgirl October 07, 2008
A bunch of touchy fuckwits from the USA who think they speak English (they don't, they speak an American patois of english). They specialise in making a complete fuck-up of their foreign policy and in the conflict that inevitably follows they expect British soldiers to do a lot of the dying for them. (It is interesting to note that in the First Gulf War in Iraq, the Americans managed to kill more British soldiers that the Iraqis did).

Another American speciality is to try and take over institutions by flooding them with contributions and blocking contributions from any other nationality. Individually, Americans can be pleasant, friendly even charming, but collectively they are truly repulsive.
Americans have flooded urban dictionary with contribution so that the turnaround time is over a week, they're also voting to not publish contributions from any non-Americans
by Croatalin March 18, 2014
Cultureless, mindless bastards who for the most part have no idea about the rest of the world...
"I'm an american, but thank god I've travelled"
"it sucks being born an american"
by Kmanghger December 10, 2007
Just another group of people! :) Not fat people who are so dumb they don't know where your or our country is.
Dumb person: mericans are fat and dumb and dnt kno wer der contry or r country is! Tatahahataha!

Smart person: Americans are smarter than you! Now stop stuffing your mouth with pizza! Oh, and instead of sitting around all day why don't you try and finish doing your 2nd grade math.

Dumb person: Becuzzz i haz oter ppl 2 do

Smart person:.....
by Unique252 October 08, 2011
An American is your typical person everyone loves to hate, fat, stupid, redneck, a general twat with an IQ of 0.1
Guy1- Dude look at all these stupid fuckin' american tourists Guy-2 yeah......if only murder was legal
by Eddie-Iron Maiden August 05, 2009
An American is someone who lives in North America , Central America, And South America

North Americans: Canada,the USA, Mexico, and all the little contries consisting of central america

South Americans: People who live in the continent of south america

When People think of America, they just think of the united states, but really America is just the huge continent. The huge continent is called " The America's" and 953,565,000 live here. About 300,000,000 ppl live in the usa

America is a great place, The majority of us are educated, and are a normal weight.
ignorant person: I hate Americans because they are all gross and dumb

Smart American: You do realize that its not just the united states right? And have you met every one from the America's? No you havent... so shut your dumb ignorant mouth because listening to you is killing my brain cells.
by leen123456 April 04, 2013