The most mongrel nation of people without history, culture or a decent sport. Almost had German as its official language, was a British colony, displaced several native races in order to make room for their massive cheesesteak-munching arses. The French, the Vikings even the Russians were in the country before it even had a name. And every other word spoken is "awesome" pronounced "ossum".
Ossum LOL I iz teh pwn suxxor I luv Bin American and CNNT FKIN SPELL!
by Tone2 July 26, 2008
See 'Cunts'. Americans love: corporations, greed, ignorance, loudness. They have produced excellent music and some good movies.
See that American? It loves everything that is wrong with this world.
by chevystheman February 16, 2007
asshole, shit ass, morons
Man: hey! dont be an american!
by ammar.m July 26, 2006
somebody who thinks that the super bowl is the most important sports event in the world even though most of the world does not even know what American football is!
an American: the whole world is gonna watch the super bowl tonight!
me: Gross! why on earth do you think America is the whole world??!!
by andy_88 August 08, 2008
Any white person born in North America (excluding Canada), as a result of a white slut's excessive cum-swallowing through her vaginal cavity which is also as big as North America, to adhere the crown of the world once Hollywood's Israel nukes the living shit out of Arabs, leaving behind only China and Russia as major imports of child pornography. Contrary to many theories, Americans are not dumbfuck retards, it's only a mere coincidence.
European: Name a country that starts with "U".
American: Hmmm...
European: Nevermind
by Cum on me now August 21, 2008
Citizens who live inside a big bubble between Canada and Mexico.

Americans makes up less than 5% of the worlds population yet 95% of the worlds ignorance and arrogance.

Traits and habits-

Calling themselves the only Americans despite the fact that ALL people living on the CONTINENT of America are Americans.

Calling things by their brand names rather than the name of the actual object or item.

Putting their country first in every online list despite the fact the United States starts with a U and the lists are in alphabetical order.

Putting an American flag next to 'English' for language selection incase they forget what language they speak.

Making fun of the metric system, despite the fact that they are one of only three countries who are yet to start using it. The rest of the world has been using it for over 50 years.

Killing each other is also a favourite pastime. More Americans are murdered by other Americans every year than all the American casualties of every war the world has ever seen. Pretty sad statistic.

Not all Americans are fat and stupid, and not all the world are anti-American. We just dont like arrogant ignorant idiots. It just so happens that The United States is always represented by arrogant ignorant idiots.

All the Americans who give a thumbs up are the exception to the rule who can actually think for themselves and can hopefully start representing their country in a better light.
Americans - LOL. He spelled favorite with a U. Everyone knows theres no U.

Brit- Actually, the entire english speaking world beside you, use it. It was an established language long before you were around.

American - You're wrong. We're right.

Australian - we use U.

Canadian - and us.

South African - yep, and us.

Kiwi - count us in.

Rest of UK - As do we

American - LOL. 85% of the english speaking world cant spell.

Canadian - actually its you....

American - Fuck you . I'm Americaaaaaaaaaaaan! Aluminum!

Australian - You do realise the metal is actually called Aluminium?

South African - Aluminium foil because its made from the metal ALUMINIUM.

Kiwi - Aluminium sheeting made from ALUMINIUM.

Canadian - check your periodic table.

American - You're wrong, and Realize has a Z not an S.

Brit - *sigh* thats YOUR spelling. The rest of us use S not Z.

American - LOL. You said ZED when its ZEE. Im Americaaaaaaaaan!
by Kupotan October 29, 2009
An American is a person from the two continents of America but generally the USA people think theyre more american

A person who writes in on urbandictionary to defend the USA by indirectly using stereotypical insults such as "...i could say all british people have bad teeth and drink tea but i won't" is a great example of there ability to undermine their own point

An american is a person who has no or very little geographical knowledge of the wider planet and has never heard of Wales

An american is a person, say bill gates, who has pre programmed all microsoft computers with the English language and failing miserably as they forget the U in colour and neighbour and flavour

Any person from the USA which you will meet and they will say they never voted for bush, and you say to yourself, well someone did i have never met one!

An american who thinks a pound is a burger and not a currency

An american is a person who thinks bugers are an american food invention

An american can be someone who is still hung up on WW2

An american can be also a person who had real strong feelings about the germans even though they were never bombed
theres too many americans

how many americans does it take to throw a dictator out of power who lives in a hole? 2! whos more stupid?

american "beer" sucks

why are americans such cunts?

why do americans think theyre cultured?

why do americans think they have moral high ground?

why do americans hate stereotyping when use it themselves?
by god_sidge October 07, 2009

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