Added to every nationality possible in an attempt to make everyone politically correct. This is done even if the person's family has lived in America for centuries.
~African-American huh? What part of Africa?

~Irish-American? When did you come over?
-I was born in Boston

There is no way to unify like making tiny differences painfully clear!
#pc #stupid #boston #n00b #liberal
by King Of Yesterday March 17, 2007
A native of the most despised nation on earth. Probably obscenely fat.
Person 1: "Look, there's one of the tiny number of Americans that's ever travelled abroad."
Person 2: "Christ, he's fat. I detest him, and his culture."
#fat #ignorant #detested #despised #sanctimonious #seppo #tossers
by Antiseptic August 16, 2007
An overweight individual without any manners, generally ignorant, and quite self centered. This individual is usually unaware of the fact that they are ignorant and believes that others are staring at them because they admire them, when in fact they are staring at them in disgust!
Hey Nigel, who is that fat slob over there with the cowboy hat shoving burgers down his throat?

Oh, he is an American!
#ignorant #fat #overweight #obese #stupid #selfish #retarded
by Nigel the Brit August 22, 2008
1. A person that was born in the AMERICAN CONTINENT
2. People from the USA stole the term American and brainwashed a bunch of stupid people from other countries telling the, they are called Americans.

3.Ignorant people from the USA
1. Jose: ni hao! im from Mexico
chinese: OH so your American! fuck you!
2 Brit: hi There yank.
US asshole: I'm American!!
Brit: Fuck you, you are a fat and ignorant yank and nothing more
#american #usa #yank #yankee #brit
by therealamerican July 15, 2008
The most generous, emphatic people on Earth.
And I'm English!
Just bought a £5 quick shop from my convenience store, an American was stood behind me. Based on true experience with Americans.

Checkout Clerk: Sorry, your Credit Card has been rejected.

Me:(Searching pockets, wallet, don't find any cash.) Well, I don't have any more cash on me.

American: Don't worry about it, I'll pay for ya'!
#generous #america #american #americans #generous people #usa #us #us of a
by eden1023 June 10, 2011
The most mongrel nation of people without history, culture or a decent sport. Almost had German as its official language, was a British colony, displaced several native races in order to make room for their massive cheesesteak-munching arses. The French, the Vikings even the Russians were in the country before it even had a name. And every other word spoken is "awesome" pronounced "ossum".
Ossum LOL I iz teh pwn suxxor I luv Bin American and CNNT FKIN SPELL!
#america #american #yank #cheeseburger #fat
by Tone2 July 26, 2008
An American is a fat arrogant bastard - usually armed to the teeth with guns and hamburgers - who hates everything and everyone who doesn't hate everything and everyone. Also he may be inbred.
British person: I'm British, Where are you from?
American "half-human": I am an American and so have the right to carry and gun and rape my chickens.
*British and French run quickly for fear of being shot by mentally unstable man who managed to pass the gun test*
#moron #idiot #stupid #wanker #bastard #racist
by ismk February 20, 2008
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