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People who reside in Northern or Southern America, but usually pertaining to the United States. Contrary to popular opinion, not all Americans are fat, eat at McDonalds, drive 4 SUVs, or think their country is the best.

Many Americans I know eat like normal people though. Last time I checked there, I have seen more ads for healthy, organic food than for McDonalds. It wasn't like that a few years ago though.

SUVs are becoming less common, and there is now a growing number of Hybrids on the road. Driving a Peugot around on an interstate highway wouldn't be as safe as a Prius, but still very efficient.

Americans also aren't stupid at geography either. Most do know that England and Scotland are two entirely different countries.

Not every American is arrogant about their country. The US is the world's lone superpower, but whether it is the "best" is subjective and must be based on many variables. Most the negative definitions about the US come from Americans themselves.

Oh, and you can make fun of American culture, but chances are if you have a computer and internet then you are as greedy a capitalist as they are.

America is a huge country, so there are definitely many nutcases out there, but you can't judge an entire country based on a few pricks on the internet. I have met many people who have traveled to America and had a grand time there. America may not be perfect, but it has a lot to offer if you look in the right places.
Bigoted American: "Our country can kick your ass! Our culture is sooo much better"
(answers Japanese-manufactured cell phone)

Bigoted European: "Whatever, you greedy capitalist yanks"
(takes huge handful of McDonald's french fries)

Observer: "Guys, shut the fuck up, you both sound like idiots."
by l1011tristar17 December 23, 2009
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1. Technically a definition for anyone who is from the American continent.

2. Typically used to refer to North American citizens of the United States of America, and from here on used in this context.

3. The greatest allies England has ever had.

4. Generally hard working, honest, intelligent and likeable
Ignorant twat 1. All Americans are stupid and fat.
Ignorant twat 2. No, Americans from the USA are stupid and fat, the rest are alright.

Intelligent Person. I doubt either of you two simpletons hare ever been to America, let alone the USA and I expect you have never actually spoken to an American. They are our brothers across the ocean and I would die to project them. In a world full of enemies it is time to recognise your greatest friends.

Ignorant twat 1. What? (accompanied by a puzzled look)
Ignorant twat 2. He's a Yank lover.
Intelligent Person. You two have annoyed be sufficiently that I'm going to beat the fuck out of your inward looking and racist faces.

Ignorant twats run off to watch the latest American film.
by swoodsy January 21, 2010
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Since I'm American, I'm going to tell you that an American is a person who lives in America. You can't say that 300,000,000 people (and counting) are all fat, ignorant, car-obsessed, self-obsessed slobs. There are some people like that, yes, but those people are usually either given a poorly-rated "reality" show or have the shit kicked out of them.
Me: So which presidential candidate do you think will do the best job?
Some idiot: Well, I'm not registered to vote so I don't really care and I don't know the issues.
Me: Maybe you should go on the "Flavor of Love"!

Me: Hey! Let's ride around town in a shopping cart!
My Friend: Yeah! That sounds fun!
Stereotype: Well, you guys have fun. I'm too fat to fit in a shopping cart and too lazy to push one. I'm going to find a Big Mac and maybe piss off some people on the internet so they'll hate Americans.
Me: ...Dude...
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Anyone who lives in the continents of North or South America.
by Anonymous July 13, 2003
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People from America that are generally well-liked, easy going, and sometimes crazy (in a good way). Americans have the large scale on personality due to its diversity of culture and race in its population. On one hand, you have gays and lesbians participating in a gay pride parade, on the other, gays are being killed by others upon discovering their orientation. On one hand, you have "prides" (Black Pride), on the other, you have extreme-ists (KKK). One one hand, you have amazing college professors, on the other, you have the fat american kid that doesn't know shit.

-Americans are fat; Yeah, some are really fatasses, but many are really fit.
-American kids are rich and spoiled; Yeah, those that are expats in international schools and those in public schools can be real brats. But you probably are too, if you're encountering them and not the better ones.
-Americans are racist; Yeah, those trolls you see online, that white kid that picks on minorities, etc really need to be ball-smacked. But those are usually ignorant people from ages 10-25. Young, stupid, unsophisticated.

In general, they're pretty nice people. Respectable and reasonable, only a small percentage of the American population are douchebags.

This is not written by an american.
You racist shitfuckers at my school deserve to be castrated.

I should have given that Americans who found my wallet my week's pay.
by vlieT November 12, 2009
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Anyone originating from the continents of North and South America. However to aline with previous posts will be condensed to people originating from or adopting citizenship in the United States of America. This definition confines "Americans" to a population of roughly 300 million. Within those 300 million or so citizens may be found genetic components originating from every nation and region currently comprising the international community. Considering the diversity and population of these people their individual qualities are equally diverse. So upon interviewing all 300 million one would find everything from the mentally handicapped to the highly brilliant, amazingly ignorant to the extremely knowledgable, and the morbidly obese to the epitamy of healthy. Obviously any statement attempting to stereotype or critque such a broad and varying group of people would only preval in showing the ignorance of the author.
"Americans are ignorant."..... A phrase uttered by a truly ignorant person born between a different set of imaginary lines.
by Erik Robert January 04, 2007
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People who are made fun of by british people for calling football soccer even though calling football soccer actually originated in England. Also made fun of for spelling''mum'' mom and brits say we cant use the letter u. If we put the letter U instead of O wed call it Eurupe.
Ignorant British Guy: You stupid American its called football. Cant you americans get anything right?

Intelligent Hardworking American: Actually it was from Britain. Read this report if you dont beleive me. Brit. Go drink some tea and kill natives. How does it feel to be stereotyped?

(Add HTTP)
by DUPIDBRIT July 01, 2010
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