Something you do not fuck with!
Ted: Holy shit is he american?
He: Your fucking right I am!
by FlossyMango December 22, 2009
A person whos from america, heres some ways of spotting one:
1. their mostly obese. (all the burger king food)
2. they have the dumbest accents.
3. they always seem to think that their the best people ever. (they arent)
4. they have money called 'dollars'
5. they over-tip
6. they have an obbession with fast foods including, burgers, chips (which they call 'fries')(also called freedom fries), thats about it.
7. half of them are christian physcopaths.
8. their president is a total nutter, (millions of people hate him) and hes called bush, =.= nuf said.
9. they think all muslims are terrorists.
fat american1: hey! wanna go get some burgers and fries?
fat american2: yeah sure!
fat american3 sees a man with a towl on his head: HOLY MOLY ITS A TERRORIST!!!!!! D:
guy with towl on head: <_< oh great.
fat american1&2&3 call '911'

fat-ass 'cops' come: FREEZE!
towl headed guy: O_o i was just getting some burgers...
fat-ass 'cops' get out pepper spray and spray man in face, pushing him into the police car: your going away for a loong time!
towl headed guy: oh ffs this is the 7th time this week. =.=
by brit girl. August 30, 2010
The name of a mostly European import living on a big continent divided in two geographical parts: South America, and North America.
_"Hi, I am from Uruguay."
_"All right, you're American?"
_ "Si"
by Jean Culeianq February 03, 2004
Usually an American is a moderately intelligent person (usually associated with the U.S.A.) who lacks all common sense of self fault. Arrogant most of the time and feels that their country is better than all else (even though they are coming close to an end as a nation) I know this very well because I am an "American" though at many times i prefer the term individual.
When Obama passes this health bill, american's which have an inability to admit fault, will drastically shorten the time left of their nation.
by Distraught January 01, 2010
A funny speaking person from america, yanks, their president is a physcopath. their accents are very funny indeed and most of them are obese.
Person1 visting america: Jebus christ look at all these fat-ass americans... >.>

fat american: (-.-)
by Britperson August 30, 2010
Lesser version of Canadians. Sure, you may be much larger, and produce SOME good shit, but really they are a bunch of belligerent morons. If you are looking for a good example, GEORGE BUSH. Often caught picking on their much more civilized (but also awesome party ANIMALS) neighbors to the north.

The only reason we deal with you guys is you are our number one trade partner, and you'd probably just blow us to bits.

Like I said; morons.


p.s free health care
"STFU you stupid american"
by lolyourmomsface May 10, 2010
I am so sick of the stereotyping... yes, this has been done before, but I don't care, here it goes again.

Our country is the coalescence of just about every other culture in the world. Although most Europeans think of the average American as being a fat WASP, this is simply not true. There is so much diversity in the nation that it's too hard to generalize.

I am pretty modest and hate bragging, but I have to say that I am fairly intelligent/articulate. I cannot wait to see the rest of the world in its entirety. So many Americans around me feel the same way.

Although some people can be ignorant, I resent them, and the same is true of any other culture anywhere.

I will have a celebration the day George W. Bush is out of office. He is perhaps the worst president our country has ever seen... and can certainly stand next to Millard Filmore in the hall of shame. The fact that he was re-elected, it just blows my mind.

But I digress. Back to the point, Americans are not one people. In the same way that British citizens, Frenchmen and Middle Easterners cannot be typified. Our country has accumulated a terrible reputation over the years... but I hope to make friends in other countries anyway.

Say what you will about our excuse for a government, but please, don't think of us in the same light.
British person: Americans are stupid, fat, lazy, ignorant people with nothing to add to this planet.

American person: You're stupid, lazy and ignorant for just saying that. Look beyond the rep.
by glencoe_fox January 28, 2008

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