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A word used to describe some of the richest and most powerful people in the world. Americans are most often mistaken as fat, because of there overweight british ancestors. Truly though, they are rather skinny, have perfect teeth, and amazing beauty. Many Americans like to joke about Muslims and nothing else, oddly they are very friendly to the rest of the world. Such as donating money or even sending in troops to save other parts of the world.
The only other people in the world that can be defined as true Americans are Canadians. For the United States and Canada are truly the best nations in the world.
by Rich American March 02, 2010
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The people of the greatest nation in the world. We respect other cultures, and are tolerant, unlike European people who stereotype us as fat and lazy. FYI, everyone in America doesn't like McDonalds... in fact many of us don't... and by the way there is McDonalds EVERYWHERE!!

George W. Bush is in no way an example of a "typical" American. In reality, there are no "typical" Americans... We are a melting pot of many cultures.

So before you diss the Americans, think of this.

OUR ANCESTORS ARE ITALIAN, SPANISH, GERMAN, FRENCH, SWISS, GREEK, etc. So yeah keep insulting yourselves =D
*German guy*: Americans are fat and dumb.
*American w/ German ancestry*:Yeah dude, our ancestors were cousins. Think it through
by mkay* February 19, 2009
133 141
Any badass, ass kickin', freedom fightin', shitty beer drinkin', gay ass soccer hatin', bald eagle ridin', foreigner suspectin' dude that will wipe his ass with your stupid books, and thinks that you can shove your bullshit diplomacy up your scary ass. And if you don't like it then wuz up?
"John, who was that drunk raving lunatic wiping his arse with the Union Jack."

"I dare say he was an American."
by shitty von shittenheimer August 17, 2011
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A person from from the United States because ppl from canada are canadians, ppl from mexico are mexicans and so on and so forth. A country that freed itself from the British with only the French for support, and fended them off again in 1812. We currently are the custodians of the Dollar, a universal currency that is legal tender in 94 countries and the European Union. Has the best, non-pussy form of football instead of futbol with foot fairies prancing around the field. Invented the bifocal, lightbulb, car, airplane, nuclear submarine, nuke, ICBM, Gatling Gun, Stealth Bomber, and the Bourbon. God bless America and God F*ck the Jersey Shore.
Brit: Blimey! Look at the Americans wounded and killed in WWII, we owe them a debt of gratitude for bailing our arses out!

Nazi: The Americans blew up my house, killed our leadership and nuked our little Jap friends. We'd better surrender to them before the demonic, satanist, communists come and eat our babies and rape our children, beat baby seals, fund global terrorism, and give puppies to a Korean restaurant.

Brit: Bloody good idea chap! Im gonna go give my 4 year old a beer.
by ProudPatriot January 27, 2011
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Someone who cant point where China is on the world map

Someone who cant name all 5 members of the UN Security Coucil

Someone who cant name all G20 members

Someone from a country that makes the best movies in the world.

Someone who loves spending tons of money on cheap fake products imported from China that imitates their own country's product

Someone who redefines individualism and takes it to the next level

Someone from a country with the hottest chicks in the world but somehow settles for lesser chicks in some poor third world countries

Someone who shares the same birthplace as Miley Cyrus
German: Guten Tag, ich heisse Schmitz.
American: .... Wassup!
German: Wie heissen Sie?
American: .... err, wassup?

American: Where are you from?
Indonesian: Im from Indonesia
American: Oh. Where is that?
Indonesian: You know Bali?

American: YEAH. So Indonesia is like in Bali?
Indonesian: -_-" No. Bali is in Indonesia.

Indian: Name a country that starts with 'A'
AMerican: America!

Indian: Im from Asia
American: No youre not. you dont look asian

American: THe Capital city of Asia is China

At "Global Young Leaders" Conference in New York, 2007
American: SO how do you connect to the outside world? Do you have the internet? Do you know what internet is?
Do you live in mudhuts?
Indonesian: Oh so thats what you call the thing you connect to from my blackberry.

American: Whats a blackberry?
Indonesian: Its like an iPhone but better
American: REALLY? do they have it in the mall? Do you know what a mall is?
Annoyed Indonesian: Yes. WE have more malls in Jakarta than the entire state of california
AMerican: Where is Jakarta
Annoyed Indonesian: *turns and walk towards the british*
by United States and America December 15, 2010
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1) A resident of the American continents.
2) Connotation of someone from the United States.

A stereotypical American unlike me, is overweight not very intellectual and hated because of a stuck up attitude.
We do not see the appeal in using words such as: yank, bigot, and football (soccer). A stereotypical American believes that America in everyway is superior to any other country.
1) Someone from Brazil is American.
2) An American is to the world as New Jersey is to America.

For an example of a stereotypical American watch the show Diner's, Drive-In's, & Dives.
by The Kid You Hate To Know June 24, 2011
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No one stereotype can define an entire people, in every country (except Scotland- the lary bastards) there are good, bad, stupid and intelligent. It is believed that the majority of Americans are retarded, fat fuckers with the negotiation skills of a landmine. Now this may be true for 79% of the population, but lots of them are caring, free loving people who want nothing but peace - these are the hippies. Useless layabouts who try to re-invent the corrupt system of the human world into what is essentially the same thing but only ever manage to achieve a severe sense of smugness, and a drug induced state of euphoria which they likely won't remember. Most Americans like to consider themselves international do-gooders and world leaders in ethics with such organisations as the KKK and NAMBLA. In response to the English's comments concerning their language and culture, they refer to themselves as the best parts of the world put together (like a sausage), and insist their variant is the correct, despite it being called ENGLISH. Rather than a sausage, a more accurate representation of the home of the retard with a superiority complex and land of ignorant narcissists, would be the creature of a Mary Shelley novel. I would bet that at least 85% of Americans would have to research that last reference to understand it. :) Ya gotta love 'em!
Me: .......would be the creature of a Mary Shelley novel,
American: What in the name of the sweet Jesus Christ every

bodies lord does novel mean?
by The Cockney Reaper January 15, 2011
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