Burger lovin, arrogant slappin, ape like creatures that live under rocks and can often be seen swimming out to see to catch mermaids.
European: Look at dat american, he be swimming like a flid

Other European: Let's entice him with some KFC.

European: Hot damn! Dude.

Other European: Bet he be swimmin for Europe to try and sell some shite.

Other European: You stick your foot on his head and drown dat yank

European: Hot Diggity! You bet dude
by Jeff Clarke January 18, 2012
A person from from the United States because ppl from canada are canadians, ppl from mexico are mexicans and so on and so forth. A country that freed itself from the British with only the French for support, and fended them off again in 1812. We currently are the custodians of the Dollar, a universal currency that is legal tender in 94 countries and the European Union. Has the best, non-pussy form of football instead of futbol with foot fairies prancing around the field. Invented the bifocal, lightbulb, car, airplane, nuclear submarine, nuke, ICBM, Gatling Gun, Stealth Bomber, and the Bourbon. God bless America and God F*ck the Jersey Shore.
Brit: Blimey! Look at the Americans wounded and killed in WWII, we owe them a debt of gratitude for bailing our arses out!

Nazi: The Americans blew up my house, killed our leadership and nuked our little Jap friends. We'd better surrender to them before the demonic, satanist, communists come and eat our babies and rape our children, beat baby seals, fund global terrorism, and give puppies to a Korean restaurant.

Brit: Bloody good idea chap! Im gonna go give my 4 year old a beer.
by ProudPatriot January 27, 2011
A word used to describe some of the richest and most powerful people in the world. Americans are most often mistaken as fat, because of there overweight british ancestors. Truly though, they are rather skinny, have perfect teeth, and amazing beauty. Many Americans like to joke about Muslims and nothing else, oddly they are very friendly to the rest of the world. Such as donating money or even sending in troops to save other parts of the world.
The only other people in the world that can be defined as true Americans are Canadians. For the United States and Canada are truly the best nations in the world.
by Rich American March 02, 2010
1. A language spoken in the United stated, derived from English that developed through the usage of various regional terms such as:

a. Main street USA: rock-n-roll, slurpee, bud(weiser), dude, dudett, disco-sucks, bro, broski, brodenski, christian values, french benefits, Fox News, intelligent design, black conservative, Tea Party, progressive politics, white-collar trash, hanging chad, the 'facts', coke (the drug), coke, jazzy, nigger, picnic def. 9 UD, white trash, pedophile, restraint, a moment of quiet reflection.
b. Irreducible hillbilly talk: yeller, tard, har, rooaaad, shine, white-lightnin, white-paar, git‘er-dun, fried hog, fried butta, hang 'em, ignernt.
c. The ghetto: wat-up homie, don't make me bone you ho, partay, playa, po-po, 5-O, chronic, crack, cracker, crack-pipe, crack-ho, pimpin ain't easy, breastesies, juice (aka kool-aide).
d. East LA: taco, burrito, fuck-it holmes, low-rider, manana, puto, no-speek-english, tamale, la migra, get in the back foo!, Santana, restraining order, I ain't Puerto Rican S.A., whats-up cellie.
e. New York City: cabbie, fo-get-about-it, you gonna eat that, soup-nazi, Coco, Trump, fuck-you-honky, no... fuck-you-nigger, I'm Puerto Rican foo!, pizza, yo.
f. San Francisco: gay, straight, queer, Cher, Rice-A-Roni, kazillion, drag-queen, I'm Puerto Rican silly.

2. The people that speak american.

3. A product or technology developed expressing the values of the american people.

1. Jimbo: "Those messacans outta lern 'american' before they let 'em thru that fence.

Jefferson: "That may be Jimbo, but it don't take much to pick tamaydahs, after a good wollupin'"

Jimbo: "Still... lernin 'american' outta be a law, like lernin the pledge or prayin in school."

2. While the yank toured Europe he insisted on being called an American.

3. Jimbo: "This here's american son, you wont find this quality in a Jap bike. Now pass me that wrench, will ya boy."
by PlanetBJR December 31, 2010
The New language that replaced English when the term Old Englishmen made it into Text Books. in other words. there is no such thig as english. it now called American. thus the Creation of Urban Dictionary.
Urban Dictionary is the Dictionary for the American Language
by Taylor Kent November 08, 2010
Is a person who lives in a country under Canada called The United States of America. The Americans in the north side of the United States call themselves Yankees and hate the Americans in the south who they call Rednecks. You can see an American who is of any background or ethnicity, but the whites are the main. The white Americans blame African-Americans for their stolen watermelon and for KFC branches running out of fried chicken.

Don't say anything about a 9/11 or they will cry and slap you.

Always say you hate Arabs, they will always accept you.
And always look white.

Americans are good people, they just hate people who are not "free" although the unfree people cannot help it.
by The "Paki" August 09, 2013
Someone who loves mock other countries, act, talk, and look incredibly tacky and/or cheesy, and who loves to pervert the english language.

Most chavs try to be as American as possible, if not actually American in nationality.
American: Color, Aluminum, GlacierPronounced "glay-sher", Spelled

Normal: Colour, Aluminium, Glacier Pronounced "gla-see-er", Spelt

And thousands of other mispellings through laziness
by Fijut January 05, 2008

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