Probablly the most bashed on country in the world.
Things you should know:

1. Yes, we are aware the term "American" can be used for anyone living in North or South America. The term "British" can be used for someone from Scottland, Ireland, or England. What else do you want us to call ourselves, United-Statesians? Besides, I don't see you calling people from Brazil or Argentina or Cuba American anyways. Why should we?

2. Yes, we are aware our President shows serious signs of mental retardation. All goverments have their problems.

3. We're not stupid. We don't go around speaking "American", laughing at all other "American" speaking countries thinking they stole the idea from us.

4. We're not all crazy extremists or blind conservatives.

5. Your country probally produces almost as much pollution as ours, and seeing as the US is about 3,718,695 cm2 (9,631,420 km2; gasp! an American knowing about the metric system? unheard of!) large and has 302,431,000 citizens, we're not doing that bad.

6. Celsuis- Farheniet, Meters- feet, Pounds- killograms. Gallons- liters. We use both you know.

7. We don't hate all Canadians, Brits, Cubans, and Japaneese people. We don't think all Muslims are terrorists. No matter what Bush says, we most definitely don't eat "freedom fries". We don't all support Iraq. We don't think Pakistan is in Africa.

8. Just because we can't trace our ancestors in America back for 329 years, it doesn't mean we love our country less.

9. Patrioism is never a bad thing. Even if you lived in the crappiest country in the world, it's still your country.

10. No, we don't think everyone in the world celbrates July Fourth with us.

11. We don't eat McDonald's everyday or drive five cars.

12. Not everyone speaks like their from Texas. There are forty-nine other states you know.

13. We don't think we're better than you.

14. Lastly, half the people that bash us are allies with us. Our country has relations in more than half the world. Most likely, we're best friends.
British: "They're bloody pricks too. Look at Bush."

French: "Look at Iraq. What a dumb mistake."

American: "Dude, we know our president's an ass."
by Annoyed Yank September 12, 2007
This definition if for everybody who stereotypes America.

- Just because we have a high obesity rate does not mean every last single person is fat, I'd rather be fat than be starving , I think most normal people would agree

- We are not all stupid, yes there are stupid people but what country doesn't have stupid people, we have most of the elite universities in the world

- We aren't all ignorant, many of us have a desire to travel outside the U.S

- In school they teach us the metric system, and yes I know zero degrees celcius = 32 degrees faranheit

- Anybody who says America deserved 9/11 is heartless and evil, they were innocent people and had nothing to do with the goverment's action

- I know that American means anybody from North, South, or Central America but mainly it means somebody from the U.S because you don't refer to somebody from Brazil as a south american but just as Brazillian to make it more specific

- You can't just sterotype a whole nation and be correct, I could say that in England everyone has bad teeth and drinks tea but that is not true for everybody and it is ignorant which is exactly the same when you try to sterotype Americans

- Also the joke is on the people who are from different countries and sterotype us, I bet you thousands of people from your country come to ours so you are also making fun of your own people
Person A: Hahaha Americans are fat and stupid!

Person B: That is ignorant because American is not a race, Whites, blacks, Arabs, Hispanics, and others come to America so your making fun of your own people
by Jersey Kid November 11, 2007
Those idiots that think that Europe is a country, not a continent.
American: Bro I went to Europe last week and it was awesome!
Me: Where did you go?
American: I went to Europe, genius.
Me: You fucking idiot...
by ClandHad May 13, 2016
A species of individuals who believes that they do everything right, while the rest of the world does everything wrong. Usually they worship celebrities, politicians, and everything from the magical TV box.

They are inhabitants of a tyrannical system, the sheeple are gullible and morally support genocide of any country for any reason. They tend to believe anything delusional, like jet fuel melting steel beams, Facebook being cool, or Google being a good way to research.
"Jimmy was American so he never learned anything true, new, or interesting"
by H0m0zRGayFagz&Qweerz June 21, 2016
Logically you would think the word "american" stands for someone from North or south America, but..

On the internet the words definition has been changed, it is more commonly used to describe an ignorant, mindwashed, stupid or dumb person.

For example you could see a comment like This "are you american or something?" on a video or tweet, that is plainly dumb or too stupid to ever have been thought about
Are you american or something?

It's okay, you're probably American

That is so american of you
by Simon J.R.K January 20, 2016
One born or who grew up in Puerto Rico, but has moved into and/or has lived in the US of A for a long period of time.
Watered down or Americanized Puerto Rican.

May not completely fit in here nor there.

Since once there (in PR), they will be seen as Ame-Rican.

Once here (in mainland US of A), they will still seem foreign but are still Ame-Rican.
FYI: Anyone born in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico IS an American citizen, automatically. Hence the reason, that in 2005, all born in PR required a NEW birth certificate as proof of birth and automatic citizenship.
Those born in Puerto Rico come in ever color under the sun.
Puerto Rican is NOT a race, it is a birth place.
Attitude makes you Rican, nothing else.
I have lived in Kentucky since 1976, having moved there from Puerto Rico when I was 11. I consider myself an Ame-Rican.
by ID-Whovian October 07, 2014
British person who fails to meet standards.
I swear that all these people who say they are British are actually American
by Sherbetbrain June 02, 2016
A term that Americans' use to describe the language that they speak, which is English
I do in fact speak American!
by TheChangGirl January 08, 2016
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