Probablly the most bashed on country in the world.
Things you should know:

1. Yes, we are aware the term "American" can be used for anyone living in North or South America. The term "British" can be used for someone from Scottland, Ireland, or England. What else do you want us to call ourselves, United-Statesians? Besides, I don't see you calling people from Brazil or Argentina or Cuba American anyways. Why should we?

2. Yes, we are aware our President shows serious signs of mental retardation. All goverments have their problems.

3. We're not stupid. We don't go around speaking "American", laughing at all other "American" speaking countries thinking they stole the idea from us.

4. We're not all crazy extremists or blind conservatives.

5. Your country probally produces almost as much pollution as ours, and seeing as the US is about 3,718,695 cm2 (9,631,420 km2; gasp! an American knowing about the metric system? unheard of!) large and has 302,431,000 citizens, we're not doing that bad.

6. Celsuis- Farheniet, Meters- feet, Pounds- killograms. Gallons- liters. We use both you know.

7. We don't hate all Canadians, Brits, Cubans, and Japaneese people. We don't think all Muslims are terrorists. No matter what Bush says, we most definitely don't eat "freedom fries". We don't all support Iraq. We don't think Pakistan is in Africa.

8. Just because we can't trace our ancestors in America back for 329 years, it doesn't mean we love our country less.

9. Patrioism is never a bad thing. Even if you lived in the crappiest country in the world, it's still your country.

10. No, we don't think everyone in the world celbrates July Fourth with us.

11. We don't eat McDonald's everyday or drive five cars.

12. Not everyone speaks like their from Texas. There are forty-nine other states you know.

13. We don't think we're better than you.

14. Lastly, half the people that bash us are allies with us. Our country has relations in more than half the world. Most likely, we're best friends.
British: "They're bloody pricks too. Look at Bush."

French: "Look at Iraq. What a dumb mistake."

American: "Dude, we know our president's an ass."
by Annoyed Yank September 12, 2007
I am so sick of the stereotyping... yes, this has been done before, but I don't care, here it goes again.

Our country is the coalescence of just about every other culture in the world. Although most Europeans think of the average American as being a fat WASP, this is simply not true. There is so much diversity in the nation that it's too hard to generalize.

I am pretty modest and hate bragging, but I have to say that I am fairly intelligent/articulate. I cannot wait to see the rest of the world in its entirety. So many Americans around me feel the same way.

Although some people can be ignorant, I resent them, and the same is true of any other culture anywhere.

I will have a celebration the day George W. Bush is out of office. He is perhaps the worst president our country has ever seen... and can certainly stand next to Millard Filmore in the hall of shame. The fact that he was re-elected, it just blows my mind.

But I digress. Back to the point, Americans are not one people. In the same way that British citizens, Frenchmen and Middle Easterners cannot be typified. Our country has accumulated a terrible reputation over the years... but I hope to make friends in other countries anyway.

Say what you will about our excuse for a government, but please, don't think of us in the same light.
British person: Americans are stupid, fat, lazy, ignorant people with nothing to add to this planet.

American person: You're stupid, lazy and ignorant for just saying that. Look beyond the rep.
by glencoe_fox January 28, 2008
A term used by old British folk in a bar/pub for ginger ale.

American = ginger ale
Old man in pub: "I'll have a scotch and american, please."

Barmaid: "do you want ice?"
by Katiypor July 10, 2008
a person who, judging by all the other comments, doesn't appreciate funny stereotypes.
non-american: all americans are fat.
american: what? i'll going to shot you with my gun whilst eating this burger and send you to hell with the devil!
by nobbybrace November 06, 2009
Americans come in mainly 3 sizes, thin, huge or supersized huge! their diet mainly consists of supersised Mc Donalds.
Their leader is one of the most idiotic person around, i bet you he dosent even know what day of the week it is!?!
Also they pump out more pollution then the whole world put together, to be fair if America didnt exist we wouldnt have global warming or the Iraq war.
A typical Americans lunch break
"hi, can i have a large bic mac, with fries and a milkshake"

"only for 20 cent more we can supersize it, but it contain 50% more fat!"

"I have it supersized! please!"

" I will bring it right over for you."

*he waddles to find a seat*
by Hayde October 30, 2007
makes anime seem awful
The dub american voices for Naruto is AWFUL!
by kyarorin July 10, 2008
You go on and on about how Americans are so uneducated and can't do shit except shoot a gun, well, I want you to take a look at the entry you just wrote and kick yourself in the face for every error you've made. You make me sick. Ignorance should hurt. I live in the USA and I'm not a hardcore Christian, I'm agnostic. I don't own a gun. I am against gun violence as a matter of fact. I don't even own an american flag, don't see how I could stick one on my car. I don't go around eating a hamburger for every meal. And you hypocrites who say that the USA is full of close minded bible thumpers I want you to look at your entries. How many of you have actually met an American? ..Or are you just goig on past prejudices made by someone else? And about Bush? Not all of us voted for him. Not all of us wanted him in office. Don't pretend that the vote to get him in there was unanimous because that is far from the truth. Every country has there bible thumping, flag bearing, gun toting, fat son of a bitch. Don't pretend Americans are the only ones.
Americans are people just like everyone else, I half expected to be treated like one.
by lostaddict November 18, 2005
Someone born in the U.S. or just on the continent. Someone who is very open to every race of human that is willing to die for America and it's beliefs. The greatest people from all over the world are gathered here in unison. Me myself coming from Dublin I have grown very fond of this country and all it stands for. Accepting my family and giving us the chance to live in true freedom. I have friends from Asia, russia, ukraine, south american and ireland also. This is the country where I belong and the country I will die for.
Someone from anywhere in the world
by Kie March 10, 2004
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