Me, Myself and I and proud of it!
I am an American Pig and everyone else on this planet sucks!
by Nataservant July 09, 2004
Top Definition
A slang term to discribe a middle-aged white American citizen who loves beer, trash TV, war, and is usually intolerant of other people's traditions and cultures. See also: Redneck
Those American pigs want to start a war with every other country in the world.
by Anonymous June 14, 2003
A white male U.S. citizen who concurrently possesses all or one of the following characteristics:

1) Overweight.
2) HS diploma, GED or online degree.
2) Over-employed.
3) Borrows or spends more than he can afford.
4) Doesn't think before he speaks.
5) Drives a gas-guzzling vehicle.
7) Ignorant of world news & other cultures.
8) Produces Neanderthal offspring with ADD.

Bottom Line: Thinks that because of the fact that he a an American, that he is automatically No.1, "The Shit."
There are a lot of American pigs in my state.

"I only know what I know, then I say what I don't know because I'm a "Real American Asshole." I'm leach on society and am an over-employed, ungrateful slob. Go USA on dose other countries." (While Rome is burning.)
by Chowderhead34 August 11, 2011

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