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A sub-category of hipster, the American Spiritualist is notable for its interest in New Age philosophies, eastern mysticsm, Native Americans, Paganism, psychedelia, and various other non-western philosphical and theological belief-systems. Distinguishing characteristics include crystals, feathers, wolf shirts, large-stone jewelry, multiple rings, mandalas, psychedelic and/or mystical tattoos, and American Spirit cigarettes. Many American Spiritualists are enthusiastic hallucinogen users.

See also: new age hipster, hippie-hipster-hybrid, hipsty
"What's the deal with Allison's tats? Sanskrit, Buddha, the Flower of Life...didn't people used to make fun of her because she still believed in Jesus?"

"Yeah, but a couple of months ago she took way too many mushrooms and went to a Gang Gang Dance show, got naked, and told everybody she was God. Now she's all American Spiritualist."
by The Electric Jelly February 02, 2012