any neuron deprived fucktard that thinks theyre all of a sudded a "punk" because they listen to greenday.
greenday is the gayest, talentless, sellout, garbage, poser, shit that has ever plagued this earth.
i fucking hate american idiot.
by MetallibangeR December 18, 2005
An bull shit so called "rock opera" about how teens have so much trouble in life. Performed by 3 airheads that try to be different when really they conform to pop culture and are homophoebic.
A real rock opera is Tommy by the Who
by Michael Altner August 01, 2005
The third best song by the best band GREEN DAY! and i have loved them since the beginning...not since the song came out...

and the name says it all...
dont wanna be an american idoit!
by sarahizzle January 05, 2005
OK i know all you people are drooling over this record but to tell you the truth its just brain washing you i mean if you really look into the lryics you will see that it supports the government and is makeing you all conform. if you listen to this album sirously you will become the american idiot
(((none given))) (((none given)))(((none given)))
by garlickman March 14, 2005
A U.S. citizen who likes Green Day.
Green Day won a Grammy because the judges were American Idiots.
by Phixes February 25, 2005
A shit album that should be paired with 39smoothed-out/slappy hours(or whatever the fuck those are called when packaged together,lol) and packaged and sold together as THE WORST OF GREEN DAY.
Green Day was doing so fucking good and they were maturing so well and then they went and released this piece of childish shit and went totally fucking emo on us.
Man,what the fuck happened to Green Day.They used to be so cool and laid back and best of all non-political.
And why are Green Day now putting out media propaganda and brainwashing people with their music when that is SUPPOSED to be exactly what the fuck they are against???
It's hypocritical and non-sensical to say the least.
American Idiot is one of the very worst Green Day CD's there is.They have alot of good CD that you could buy instead such as:
Those all rock!
Communistic propaganda.
Green Day has always been making songs filled with communistic propaganda.
by AJAW March 04, 2005
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