President George W. Bush, who's from Texas and brings down the entire quality of the state
The oldest son of former President George Bush Senior.
by Kupla-Khan July 22, 2005
An American whom is a fucking retarded idiot. ie - George 'Dubya' Bush
That American idiot is a fucking retarded cunt, just like Dubya!
by Harry Fucker April 05, 2005
Republican party of the government
an american idiot is a republican party supporter
by Jedi Master March 08, 2005
a kick ass cd by Green Day...
people keep saying that it sucks..i think u only believe that it sucks because you dont agree with it. And yes this is only my opinion, but im going to say it anyways. If you people would sit down and listen to the CD all the way through, you would understand that they are not telling you to go against Bush, they are just telling you to take the information that you are given and become an individual with it. I believe that other people on here have said that Green Day is telling you to go against Bush for no apparent reason, but they aren't. Yes they may be against him, but they aren't telling you to be too. You shouldn't be dissing on other people's opinions, just state your own....
Think for yourself!!!
by Rachael October 30, 2004
Green Day rock opera about a teen named Jimmy (who has multiple personalities), who becomes Saint Jimmy, then becomes his alter ego the Jesus of Suburbia. He loses contact with his girlfriend, Whatsername, who was once cheating on him, at the end of the opera.
This is a great rock opera, but it can be compared to the Who's rock opera Quadrophenia, about a teen mod named Jimmy who has four personalities (each based off a member of the original Who).
American Idiot is a great Green Day album.
by St. Hero July 23, 2009
i liked green day better when they made fun of marilyn manson
the beautiful people the beautiful people
by smoke a bowl September 30, 2004
An american idiot is an american that is overly patriotic without knowing any of our country's history and believes everything the goverment tells us is true, such as red necks, people who dropped out of highschool and conservatives.
Anyone who watches Blue Collar Tv is an American Idiot!
by emochild4life August 02, 2005

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