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(see also soldier)
1. (Or just "General") (noun) The technical nomenclature for a step above (quite a big step) the "soldier" in the American Drinking Hierarchy. (aka: the ADH)

2. (noun) An insurance company located in Ocala, Fl adjacent to the Eastern Buffet (American-Japanese-Chinese) and possibly elsewhere.

3. (proper noun) Cayce Kolozsy

4. (proper noun) Kailah Netherclift as the aforementioned term's bitch.
1. He was proclaimed the "general" by the screaming naked party bitches.
2. Go to the American General headquarters for all of your insurance needs.
3. Cayce is the (fucking) general.
4. Kailah C. Netherclift is the general's bitch, she tends to the general's every alcohol related need.

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