Misconseptions about football:

1) The word football is used because in the late 1800's, the only ran the ball with there feet

2)The game was introduced to Americans by europeans. Touchdowns were one point. The Europeans, called it football.

3) Pads MAKE THE GAME TOUGHER than Rugby. Don't give me that "Rugby for Girls" shit. Have you played, or seen a game? No.

4) Tackles hurt like hell. A text-book tackle is to get low. Use leg pads to push forword, get the shoulder pads to the stamach, wrap your arms around the opposing player, and take your Helmet and put it under the opposing players chin and deliver a blow.

5) The game started out without pads. It did not catch on, as many americans saw how similar it is to Rugby. After pads were put in, Americans forgot all about Rugby.

6) The reason the rest of the world dosn't care about American Football, is because the rest of the world have no idea what American Football is. Austraila, Canada, and Germany all love football because THEY KNOW WHAT IT IS.

7) America is the third most populated country in the world. America is the only country having all Big Five sports (Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer) In america, Football is the most popular and beloved sport. In America, Soccer is considered a children's sport and is the least popular and least beloved sport. Therfour, if the whole world had America's sports, soccer would be the fourth most beloved as in America.

8) America has a right to say soccer sucks, because we PLAY soccer. Most of Europe does not play Football nor know the rules, so they DON'T have a right to say football sucks.

9) I have seen a rugby, soccer, and Football game, infact, I've seen many. I've seen a full Rugby game at the ESPN zone, I've seen multiple soccer games during the world cup, and I've seen many football games during the fall of course. Football is the best by far.

10) Football is extremely fast-paced. They don't treansition to commercial ever 5 minutes, Nor do they stop playing ever 5 seconds. Stop your ignorance, if you ever had watched a game you would know how great it is.

11) Football is very physically demanding, and it does take athletic skill. The Querterback position in football requirse you to be smart, Defensive end position requires you to be strong and fast, WR's requires you to be fast and catch well, RB's requires you to be strong, fast, catch, and have good instincs, Offensive lineman requires you to be strong, Tight End requires you to be strong and catch well, it goes on and on.

12) Football isn't a "bunch of fatties running into each other" Can you read a zone defence, create smart audibles to counteract them, and tell the blitz? Can you find a hole and create a cut and still fend off 335 lb. (That is 152 kilograms if I'm not mistakin) Lineman from tackling you? No

13) Football players are not even fat. 4% body fat mean anything to you? If I'm not mistakin, that is 96% muscle.

14) Rugby players are a lot smaller than football players.

15) Weight in Football players very. A WR ususally are 180 LB. (70 kg I think) and pretty skinny, While the Linebackers are 335 lb. (See number 12) and very strong. Not all are 300 lb. monstors while not all of them or skinny little twigs.

16) The term soccer, was created by EUROPEANS. So stop your bitchin'! We didn't make up the name!
American: Well, I kind of like the Cardinals this year, they have improved there offence bettering their O-Line and QB core, but the Cowboys are looking good with Terrell Owens....

European: American Football sucks

American: Oh, so you watch it to?

EuropeanL No, I don't get it on telivision.

American: Oh, so you can't watch the NFL?

European: What the hell is the NFL?
by Spikesy July 16, 2006
Top Definition
American football and rugby are both physically demanding sports... I've played both... The styles of play are much different though... Rugby is about pure tackling and ball movement as opposed to football which is about impact in addition to tackling skill and quick linear movement down field. The speed and impact in American football is the reason for the pads (without them, the amount of spinal cord and brain injuries would be horriffic)... With regard to the breaks between plays in football, there's a purpose other than giving the big guys on the lines a break (and by big, I mean 300+ pounds...). American football is a game of set plays and tends to get very complex with all the terminology and the amount of plays you have to memorize (most coaches script anywhere from 150 to 250 possible plays per game). Granted, rugby is more fast paced and the plays are more oriented to the flow of the game which makes it pretty exciting to watch and challenging to play. As far as I'm concerned, they're both great sports with their own challenges.
Would like to get your ear ripped off in a scrum or have Roy Williams crush you coming over the middle playing American football?!?
by IWearBlack April 11, 2005
Let me tell you something: pads ain't going to help you when you have a 250 lb guy taking a helmet-shoulder shot at your knee. If anything the helmet/shoulder pads are more of a weapon. Players hit harder when they wear pads.
American Football is rough, Rugby is rough. They're different - get over it.
by come to pappa January 21, 2005
To all thse idiots going on about pansy cunt American football players and shit, i bet uve never even played the damn game! I'm aussie and i prefer gridiron. all this shit about boneheaded non tactical game is crap its the most intense and strategic game in existense. to all those who say pads are for pussies...think about this and look this bloke up...DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD RAY LEWIS HITS?? ps. i play in australia so im not just shootin my mouth
"American football is the most intense, crazy and fun sport in existence!"
by Australian gridiron fan January 01, 2005
A sport played in the U.S. by huge, ripped dudes (and a few extremely fat ones), which apparently makes Europeans want to murder even more than a well-played soccer match does.
Fan 1: Hey! Did you have a good time at the American Football game?

Fan 2: Hells yeah. The Lions actually won, if you can believe it.

Fan 1: Did any fans or refs get murdered by a seething mob after the game?

Fan 2: No... Why do you ask?
by CoolHandChris December 14, 2004
American football is a highly intense game much like rugby but with pads. It requires an immense amount of stamina and memorization for the plays. Although many people think its a "soft" version of rugby ill tell you what. . . i'd rather get hit by a guy without pads then a guy with pads 'nuff said.
now i gotta memorize and execute 150 different plays and 5 different formations. . .fuck
by Zac Brown March 11, 2005
American Football originates from the English sport of Rugby. It is played between two teams on a field of 100 yards (120 total including the end zones) with a brown oval shaped object called a Football. A team’s objective is to get it’s offense on the field as often as possible (to score) and keep the opponent’s offense off the field when possible, and limit their performance when they are on. Team’s score by driving the ball down the field by running and passing. The most common form of scoring is the touchdown (six points), followed by field goals (3), and (rarely) safeties (2). Immediately following the scoring of a touchdown the scoring team is given the option of performing a two-point conversion (worth 2 points) or the point-after-touchdown (PAT, 1 point). Field goals and PATs are scored by kicking the Football between a tall goal post located behind the end zone. Professional and collegiate games last full 60-minutes while high school games normally run at 48. It’s important to note that due to timeouts and play huddling Football games normally last between 3 and 4 hours.

Critics (normally foreign) seek to compare the playing style of American Football to Rugby. This is inaccurate, however. They are two different sports. While in Football certain positions require significantly larger stature and others do not, virtually all positions in Rugby require relatively large size. Linebackers, Tight Ends, Full Backs and (larger) Quarterbacks are often suitable for Rugby while positions such as Safeties, Half Backs, and Cornerbacks are normally not. Lineman can also suitable for Rugby play but few are. Unlike Rugby, American Football is a strategic sport and hence more importance is placed upon skill in positions. This, along with size differences, is why players rarely play both defense and offense.

Unlike Rugby, by rule, Football play requires one wears protective gear. While in Rugby very large players tend to tackle other very large players, in Football very large players tend to tackle players inferior in size to them which can result in higher rates of injury. In addition to this, turf is becoming increasingly common as a replacement for grass in Football stadiums again reinforcing the necessity for protective gear. Attire includes a hard helmet with facemask, numbered jersey for identification, shoulder and chest pads, tight pants with buttock, knee, and thigh pads, and cleats. Regardless of protective gear, Football has a higher injury rate than Rugby.

It is played on High School, Collegiate, and Professional (namely NFL) levels. Rules are generally the same throughout all levels but differ to varying degrees by league and skill level. American Football’s popularity rages in America overwhelmingly as the most-watched sport, but has failed to catch on in popularity in foreign countries (only Canada has a variation). Because of this, however, it remains a trademark of modern American culture.
Each season the National Football League organizes the most popular American Football teams for five months of hard-hitting action.
by Steagles February 10, 2006
A game where a 300+ lb guy (no not all of them) can run a 4.4 40 hit and kill anybody stupid enough not to wear pads.

It's no better than rugby, defianately no worse. It's totally different is all. Footbally players hit harder mainly because they are on average bigger faster stronger and meaner than those in any other impact sport.

We played american football in germany, taught some of the locals how to play and by the end of the day they were a wreck and realized why pads are needed, in American football.

We educated them, most euros are too enamored with themselves to learn. They'd rather assume everything.

..I will grant all the breaks are boring, even to me as a rabid football fan.
And to the aussies calling american football players and fans fat and such. I'd like to congratulae your nation on surpassing the USofA in fatassedness. You are now #1 at something.

Kudos to you.
by donLk September 18, 2005
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