A store where all mindless teenage drones go so that they can look alike, spend more money than needed and feel accepted by wearing the same brand as all their other drone friends. Not doing so would mean you aren't identical to everyone else and thus not as interesting. Gasp.
Bubbles: OMG. I don't have my own American Eagle tee. I'll die if Candi and Karma find out.
by Waay over-rated October 12, 2009
A massive chain of retail clothing stores situated in almost every shopping mall in the US. Markets mainly to the mainstream teenage demographic. Clothing is of poor quality and overpriced. American Eagle (AE) is known for massively marking down certain items, making them look like 'steals' (when in fact, considering the quality, the deal is just 'reasonable').

Most similar to: Aeropostale
I just bought a $40.00 pair of jeans from American Eagle for $20.00. Seemed like a good deal, but they fell apart two weeks later. I think I'm going to shop at the GAP from now on.
by razamatazzz January 19, 2008
a store for those idiots who seem to like being underweight and ruining their body with chemicals, i have a few hand-me-down american eagle clothes, all of which are either:too tight, see-through, too deep a v-neck, too short, or have quarter-inch shoulders that never seem to stay on my arms.
idiot prep "look at this new american eagle shirt i got!"
metalhead "oh! it was so small and low-quality i thought it was for that shaved rat you carry around in your purse!
by Owl City is Awesome November 28, 2010
i store that i like go to to check out the clearence rack for a cool t-shirt from anywhere from $6 - $20 (everything else in AE is overpriced).
i'm going in AE to check out the clearence rack!
by MITCHELL July 04, 2005
Great store that sells clothes. Kinda smells funny in there though...
You smell like American Eagle.
by Sinstone February 25, 2005
kinda like ambercrombie. but cheaper. its for homo ass faggots that think theyre awesome and cool. its all good to like the clothes, but uptight preppy douchebags command most of them.
Man i hate those american eagle wearing fuckbags
by CanadianJediMF January 10, 2010
American Eagle is a store that makes you pay to wear their name on your chest and buttox. Preps and bitches seem to like this place. See abercromnie
That kid seems to have a problem with individuality. I bet she shops at American Eagle.
by x_Summer_x February 04, 2006
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