a clothing store that many posers who THINK they are preppy shop at. REAL preps ears polo, ralph lauren, lilly, lacoste ect. most teens who shop there desperately want to 'fit in' or be 'cool'
what a bunch of posers!!
by jessica December 23, 2004
A store that all the trend followers that don't have the balls to be different shop at. Their main clothing topic is clothing that is pre-worn out, pre-ripped, pre-stained, etc...
Basically, a bunch of spoiled rich queers pay extra to look poor
by Marko December 11, 2004
AE would be the clearance rack at Abercrombie if they had a clearance rack. Everything says something either about California or a Varsity sport. This store is for the prep that can't afford Lacoste, Polo or a real designer brand
Gucci shopper 1: "Hey look at that! It appears that Trina is an official prep wannabe".
Gucci shopper 2: "Trina can't afford Abercrombie so she has to go to AE. How pathetic is that? I would rather wear nothing than an AE shirt".
by prf89frink January 03, 2005
a clothing brand for preps.
Hey Francis, go down to jcpennys and get me an american eagle shirt. Ok Agustus.
by gonads September 02, 2003
1. symbol that represents the USA

2. clothing store for anyone who can't afford abercrombie or just doesn't have one around, Funny story- this shit's made in India, not to mention it only costs 5 dollars there. so the moral is sell it to the stupid americans who will buy it for 5 times the price
wierd, its called AMERICAN eagle.
Let's go try to find that shirt i saw in abercrombie in american eagle, cuz i cant afford it there
by kat February 24, 2005
American Eagle is basically abercrombie but for less money. American eagle suddenly seemed to explode after their sucessful marketing in 2004. American eagle is generally bought by people who aren't cool enough to feel comfortable in hollister or abercrombie.
OMG i'm not cool enough to shop at hollister so i'll settle with american eagle
by GBguy August 07, 2005
Clothing for pre-teens and teens who whine incessantly to mommy and daddy to buy them clothing that is already worn out. Usually favored by middle and high school posers who want desperately to "fit in". ; A cheaper alterative for those who can't buy the equally horrible Abecrombie.
"But Mommy, all the cool kids wear AE, can I PLEEEEAAAAASE get the over-priced worn out t-shirt that looks like it came from a garage sale?"
by wanna_see_my_llama November 18, 2004
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