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American Dad: a Family Guy-spinoff about Stan Smith, a CIA officer with an intense love for America, and his family.
Roger the Alien. American Dad.
by Grijze Pilion October 13, 2012
A pathetic ripoff of Family Guy, which itself is a pathetic ripoff of The Simpsons.
Up next, The Simpsons, then another Simpsons, I mean Family Guy, then another Simpsons, I mean Family Guy, I mean American Dad!
by JNNC August 11, 2006
A show that copied Family Guy who Copied The Simpson's.

A.K.A. El plagirisimo la Plagirisimo, La copia de la copia
Me: God dam not another wannabe copy of the copy of the simpsons otherwise American Dad
by Croatoan October 10, 2009
Something put out for the sole purpose of making new Family Guy episodes seem funnier by comparison.
"This sucks, its just a crappy rip off. Family Guy is so much better!"
by Tragic Story May 05, 2005
Proof of Seth MacFarlane's less funny, less creative side
American Dad is a lame attempt of a spin off of Family Guy.
by Southern Heritage Pride May 03, 2005