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An American descendant who immigrant to the beautiful land of Canada. Sadly, they treat Canada as like the USA meaning that they cause a lot of problems here in the north. Most are very racist which makes me wonder :

"Why the fuck would you immigrant here in a multicultral country"?

Some mistake REAL Canadians for American Canadians. The most abvious way to identify them is either:
a) They are very obese
b) They have the American Flag somewhere
c) Very rude,trashy, and talks like a typical American

The worse thing is, they still ridicule Canada even when they live in Canada.

Why are they living in Canada? One reason:


They shouldn't even apply for a Canadian citizenship if they act like this.
An African Canadian: Hey, I'm wondering if you can tell me where I can get to the nearest corner store?

American Canadians: fucku nigga!!! u goin to rob a corner store huh? well 2 bad nigga imma call da cops on yah hahaha i will mak sur tht da torontoh police will get yer ass arrested LOL

Saanzan: Hey fuck you ugly American! Go back to your fucking country! You're ruining this great country and we don't discriminate others. Fucking asshole!

*Arguement goes on for another hour since the American Canadians WANTS to win this arguement*
by Saanzan August 07, 2010
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