A place a lot of other countries hate, but when needed they turn to for help. Many other countries' problems are blamed on America unfairly, even though the U.S. creates more problems than solutions. It is un-liked by many countries. It is a country of freedom, promise, hope, and love. They may have problems, but overall they truly care for each other. Also, many other countries make fun of them for being fat.
Person 1: I want to move to America.
Person 2: Good idea! I love it there!
by Kaligal July 10, 2012
Its a nice country i guess. Some places may have a lot of fatties (south not the north you idiots) Some people may be assfucks and wear abercrombie and be all rich and shit. Its pretty nice at times. We have alot of emo kids. Most of us are a bit racist, even if its just a little. But hey, everyone has a little racism in them. We arent asses, and most of us hate america even though we live here. We are on the internet a lot. Canada says they invented everything known to man kind and theyre sooo proud to the point that its getting annoying. We have some of the most beautiful people (but usually theyre souless) Alot of people live here. New york city is famous and stuff like that. We had a faggot republican president who sent us into economic ruin. But we're working on fixing what those greedy republicans left behind. Overall, its pretty chill up here. So yea, america isnt so bad. Its only the dicksucking uneducated southerners that are fat...
also see (republicans suck)

chill american girl: Well most of us are anorexic and dont eat so fuck off.

some uneducated bitchface: wow i shouldnt be so steriotypical and such an ass. well now i know about the awsomeness of america. thank you. :)
by sochill March 04, 2010
50% niggers, 10% mexicans that learn to swim, 20% hicks and 20% rednecks. The children are yolosweg and cool kid (click the links)
American: *picks cotton*
Guy: Whoa whoa, you'd better pick cotton faster because the cracker is coming.

American kid: *stands near wall and listens to heavy metal nodding head or whatever hes fucking doing there*
Guy: Hey kid i heard you got that 11 year old girl pregnant
American kid: Ya man but hey YOLO
by iRock2u November 24, 2014
The FUCK YOU country, The United States. The Greatest country on Earth, despite what Newsweek will lead you to believe, FUCK YOU Finland! I believe that we should move our decrepit parent Great Britain in our house and take care of it. So England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, will be the newest four states. Then we should go around the world annexing any country that speaks English and make them territories. Then blow up every country that doesn't speak English as a primary Language. That's how it already works, all the countries that speak English are riding our coattails. That would leave the United States not only as the greatest country on Earth but the only country on Earth.
"Hey Will."

"Yeah Chris."

"We live in the greatest country on Earth, America."

"Why is that."

"For starters, two words: nuclear-fucking-weapons."

"Good point, now lets go shooting then make fun of the government."

"Yep we can do that because we are White Christian Men who only have sex with women."

(Both Together) "YEAH!!!"
by The A**hole August 18, 2010
The most beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, soulful, fun, silly, exciting, pretty, lalalallalalalalalalalaaaaaaaa person:)
America is hot.
by heyfanfour August 03, 2010
An exclamation of bliss made loudly following incredible sex.
He worked this so good last night, he made me say America!

I'm gonna get you nekkid and make you say America!
by 1 Great American February 03, 2010
A place where the age of consent is 16, yet you can't watch a video with an F-word before 18...
America-No example needed
by Someguy53 September 16, 2015

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