The country that believes it invented the internet. Check
20. America
The reason you're reading this.
We invented the internet!
Source: Mewgal, Feb 21, 2005
by YankingdaPom4akiwi June 04, 2005
despite what people say, a great country. powerful, rich, and overall nice people. the majority of people you see dissing the states on here are actually folks who live here as well, but are going through the "fuck everyone i wanna be different and cool" phase in their life. a cool place, lived here my whole life, and there are just as many dumb people here as anywhere else. the U.S is misunderstood due to George bush jr, NOT sr, and is in decline. but as a country based off of freedom and liberty, i know we can bounce back. the land of the free and the home of the brave, i am proud to be an american!
Australian: i hear everyone in the states is dumb and fat, not to be rude though, mate

American: well, not exactly. maybe our leader made you believe that, but we are actually a capitalist nation, so a majority of us are smart. and we do have an obesity problem. but mostly in Texas.
by darmanithegreat May 17, 2011
Most people hate America because we are said to be fat, religious, lazy,greedy assholes. But that's what happens to a country that is so diverse. If you hate America because "Every single person in America is a fat Jesus freak who eats McDonalds for every supper has 12 children and no job" then you are apparently to arrogant to give most of the people in America a chance.
Person 1: Were lucky we don't liver in America. Everyone there is so stupid.
Person 2: I'm actually American you arrogant son of a bitch.
by Jfizzlestacks244 December 03, 2010
Best fucking country in the world, despite what Europeans and snotty little rich kids might say. Still the most free, richest, and strongest country in the world.
America: QQ, rest of the world.
by That American, over there! January 19, 2010
1) America is most commonly known as a total shithole, where millions are in debt, or lacking healthcare. Unlike Canada. And Europe. America Sucks
2) Canada's Bitch.
Canada's bigger, better, and on top.
if this were jail, America would be our bitch.
by CdnBeer May 04, 2008
The best goddamn country in the world
America Fuck Yea!!!
by rebelman May 02, 2011
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