the land of fat, beer guzzling, burger munchin', oil stealing, capitalist pigs, dumb-ass bandits who support their counrty, even tho they havnt actually done anything to shape the world in any way. They loose their own wars due to being so cockey and un-trained, always need the british to bail them out, they don't have any understanding of foreign culture and seem to think they won world war 2 on their own. Try and be the idle of the world and americanise things such as films to swing in favour of them by changing historic events on film. Run by a 2 bit red neck who don't even know anything at all, its scray that he has power and yet dosn't know how to chew a pretzil. Gun toting hooligans who all base them selves on cheesy shows.
american pilot 1 - quick, shoot that british tank it ,dosn't have an american flag!
american pilot 2 - roger that goose, im going in top gun style...
they come in to land on the aircraft carrier after a morning of british tank busting
american pilot 1 - this is goose requesting a fly past at an incredibly unrealstic altitiude while playing 'take my breath away'
air traffic controller - roger thats a go, do it for the americans...(queue american flag drops down in background)
by alex hennessy August 21, 2006
Officially known as the United States of America.

America was built upon Christianity, despite what liberal democrats say. The Founding Fathers intended America to be Christian, and Congress even issued bibles to their members.

America has the highest GDP of any other nation, and is extremely charitable when it comes to disaster efforts directed towards other countries. Whether the help comes from the Federal government or private organizations.

While not the fatest country in the world, it is still in the top 10, with countries like Australia and Britain following close behind. America is generally criticized for its War on Terror, though most of Europe lent aid to the Middle East. George Bush recognized that Saddam had Weapons of mass destruction, while it is now known that he did not, it was believed by the CIA and the government of Britain that they did in fact have WMDS.

America struggles with debt due to the failures of government politicians in their struggle for power and its citizen are generally held responsible.

US inventions:
Lightning rod, catheter, swivel chair, bifocals, ocean current mapping, floss, morse code, revolver, anesthesia, baseball(MODERN version),rolled toilet paper, burglar alarm, can opener, modern oil well, machine gun, cereal,motorcycle,vibrator,hydrant,gum,phonograph,radio,video games.
Someone from America has won the Nobel Prize for medicine 84% of the time in the last 43 years.
by LolRickAstley April 29, 2010
A country that promotes the introduction of democracy as a significant portion of their foreign affairs and relations agenda while taking counterproductive approaches of totalitarianism to do so.

Also refer to ethnocentrism for an understanding of most american citizens outlook pertaining ethnicity and cultural value.
Movie, Goodwill hunting NSA scene describes american foreign affairs while also summarizing George Bush's time in office.
by Paul13916 February 15, 2010
A country hated by all others that has more conflicts within its own borders than it does with other countries. Not suprising when its citizens have, on average, the lowest intelligence level ever known to man kind.
George Bush, Paris Hilton... idiots and from America.
by ☺☻☺ February 26, 2009
1) A country located in North America that is named for Amerigo Vespucci.

2) A character in the show Hetalia. He's tall, strong, and an idiot, but a lovable one (at times). Often says things like "I'm the hero!" Has been called the "asshole of the world". He has an alien friend named Tony (stemming from the 1947 Roswell incident) and can speak his language. People often mistake his brother Canada for him.
England: Something isn't feels like someone's missing.
Germany: The quickest way would be to do a count.
America: America's here, whiners! Nothin' else matters!
by Amane Misa March 11, 2011
A county full of hillbillies and sister/cousin/mother bangers, who currently has a black president. America is also synonymous with the ancient farce of hosting the American dream. Currently, it has dragged the world into a huge recession. America is also defined by millions of racist bigots.
America is the moral/cultural black hole of the world. The only thing its good for is for black men to find wives
by Mar(ine) June 20, 2009
A toilet full of shit
Bob: Hey Nathanial, isn't America full of pricks

Nathanial: Yes they deserved to be raped Bob, like the niglets they are
by wowowowwn August 22, 2008
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