Like Bill Maher said,

Just like Jessica Simpson: Sometimes so dumb it's embarrassing, but on the other hand, HOW 'BOUT THEM TITTIES?!
Jessica Simpson is like America.
by Strykur March 12, 2009
A country unlike any other in history. The U.S. is by far the most diverse and innovative nation on earth. Dominator of both Noble Prizes and Olympic Medals.
America was:

The first in flight.
The first to harnass nuclear energy.
The first and ONLY to put humans on the moon (If it wasn't for this little agency in Texas called NASA, the entire planet would be miles back in terms of scientific progress).

America has brought the world revolutionary inventions such as:

The Microchip.
The Internet you are now using.
The Lightbulb.
The Telephone.
The Automobile (as we now know it).
Television, Film, AND Radio.
Rock and Roll, Blues, Jazz, Country, Hip Hop and any other genre of music worth listening to.

The Simpsons...need I say more?

America's role in WWII and it's stance against the Soviet Empire has undisputably brought freedom to millions.

Successful American companies such as Coca-Cola and McDonald's, despite being complained about, have spread throughout the world offering people products at an affordable price. They wouldn't be in every corner of the world if there wasn't demand for's called economics. (Note: "Coca-Cola" is the 2nd most recognized word in the world, behind "O.K.").

Basically, America has packed more culture and history into 200+ years, than most nations have fit into thousands. You might not like America's leaders...most non-Americans won't like proactive, take-charge American presidents. The world would prefer a less active, timid U.S. president who gives the EU and other nations a greater role in world affairs. But that's just not how it works. Democrat or Republican, any president of the world's only superpower will seek to maintain America's leadership role in the world, whether it's popular with the rest of the world or not. In the real world of geopolitics other countries would do the same given the opportunity...just thank your lucky stars it's the U.S. and not Russia, China, Iran, etc. During world crises, the world looks to the U.S. for leadership.

Also, let's not forget that the current U.S. president went to the U.N. before the war against Iraq and received a unanimous vote to take action against Saddam's regime. At the time half of NATO was on board, as well as the majority of the American public and both aisles of addition to a plurality of the British public and EU goverments. So, to keep calling it "Bush's war" is just factually wrong.

Some of America's greatest problems include illegal immigration and a failure to sell it's decent, principled polices abroad.

America is the most emmigrated to country in the world.

Note: I don't think Americans are better than everyone else, but this irrational American bashing cannot be given a pass.
Journalist: Sir, what country do people hate most in your country?

Egyptian: America! dirka dirka...mohammed jihad (inaudible).

Journalist: What country would you most like to send your kids to get educated and to live in?

Egyptian: America! dirka dirka...allah jihad akbar (inaudible).
by Chris512 November 01, 2006
Amy and Erica (Really Fast)

Erica: Have a bidet
Amy: Your my Biffel

Amy: You are Cool With a C
Erica: Like Crabs Clamidia and Cart Wheels

by Amy Chapotelle February 09, 2007
Best place on Earth for many reasons.
1. Saved free world in World War One
2. Saved the world, again, in World War Two
3. Gained our independence by fighting a world superpower.
4. Ability to claim the name of the Western Hemisphere unapposed.
6. We put up with the Canadians
French guy: You know I hate those filthy Americans even after they saved our lives in both world wars.

Japanese dude: Yeah they even dropped bombs on us after we bombed defensless navy ships.

Canadian: HEY GUYS!!!

French and Japanese guys: Oh great there back!
by Kyle Heffron February 23, 2009
Fuck yeah!
America...FUCK YEAH!

France....FUCK NO!

Mexico....ew...mexico smells...PWND!!!11!
by Von Mannshaft October 21, 2008
An extremely cute young lady, that despite her mistakes, is very wise in her actions.
She can often be found at Atherton High in the U.S.A. where she constantly receives the LAMEST America jokes ever.
"Hey, you name is America? What's your last name? STATES?!?"
by Jason Earls November 04, 2008
The most awesome country in the world. Anyone who talks shit about it is jealous because theyre economy is shit.
Hey! america is awesome!
by Nick6776 July 14, 2009

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