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The most powerful, wealthy, technologically advanced country on Earth. It is also among the most hated nations, mostly because it rejects altruism and makes everyone else look bad.
France, 1880: "America will never be a cultural center."

America invents television.

France, 1920: America will never be a military power.

America drives the NAZI's from Western Europe(including France) and the Japanese from the Pacific Ocean.

France, 1950:"War is stupid, only losers take part in them. America is a backward, barbaric country."
by Jon, The Troof February 19, 2011
The most kick-ass country on Earth. Despite what the UN liberals have you think, most people here are patriots who are proud to fight for their country, which is why all the draft-dodging pussies went running off to Canada. We are the most hated country only because we actually have the balls to protect what we care about. And not only do we protect our country, we send aid to other places in need. So all of you who hate America SHUT THE FUCK UP.
America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. God bless America.
by bowlingforcolumbuncombe December 30, 2009
Often misdefined as a country, it is actually TWO CONTINENTS. The United States of America is the country.
Peruvians, Canadians, and Mexicans are all from America.
by Cassidy Peterson January 21, 2004
A place where fun loving creatures eat fast and live gritty
A sexy place to live
It's the land of the free, you can do what you wanna, you could ski in the winter or ride bikes in the summer.
The citizens forget about the haters, because America is for lovers.
Living in America by DOM
by Dom-fan February 20, 2012
My prostitute!!

My rocky! "YO A-MER-I-CA!"
"Yo a-mer-i-ca where's my money hoe?"
by yothatshowido November 23, 2011
you say america when something good happens, if your wondering why... just accept it.
Jason: "Spain just won the world cup"
Mario: "America"
Mike: "fuck i ran out of cigarettes"
Mario: "America"
Justin:"I'm Gay!!"
Mario:"not america."
by american technology March 31, 2011
A hell hole run by idiots who dont know what they are doing.
Just watch the news for an example of America.
by K-TOWN MAFIA November 16, 2010