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Canada may be Americas top hat but the best is always on top
america's hat, more like #1
by Dunphy October 04, 2011
19 36
Canada. It's America's Hat.
Canada is America's Hat
by veggiechick January 10, 2008
349 66
The country that is above America, which is Canada.
person #1- in reality... Canada is America's Hat

person #2- WTF are you talking about?

person #1- well just look on a map, canada is sitting on America's head, we are America's Hat!

person #2- you idiot..
by Murocks March 14, 2009
123 41
The country known as Canada.
Did you see that shirt with America's hat on it?
by Neero April 15, 2008
98 50

Definition of Canada- AWESOME!!!
God- Americas hat needs a name
Jesus- Name it Canada daddy*

*Disclaimer-God and Jesus never had this conversation,probably
by CheeseAttack September 22, 2009
46 14