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Noun- An ameowia is a erratic and sometimes Canadian creature that often dwells in the greater Puget Sound area. The ameowia is a dangerous predator who feasts on nothing but the souls of young boys and maple syrup. An ameowia can be identified by its distinctive vocalizations. In the midst of a hunt, the ameowia releases a shrill blood curdling screech, which closely resembles the sound a feline makes when being given a bath. After the ameowia successfully takes down her pray, she performs the rare and beautiful dance of canadius romas. This dance has never been captured on film, but witnesses have reported that it involves feathers, nudity, and gallant frolicking. If you shall ever encounter an ameowia an survive, consider yourself to be extremely lucky. Not many survive such an encounter with this marvelous beast.
The ameowia’s arch nemesis is the horrific and heinous beast, the bouckenooghe
by Bob Saget Luver2011 October 20, 2011

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