A girl in my school. Freaking hot but a tease. She will be nice to you but will not date any loser in our school.
Ex. Man I tried asking Amena out but she just said no and walked away.
by Imthatguy March 09, 2012
Top Definition
A rare female name pronounced a-min-ah. It's an arabic name that translates to honest/faithful. Amena is a kind hearted good human. Anyone who knows or meets Amena is instantaneously a fan.
Amena is the kind of friend everyone should have.
by Mo786 April 23, 2009
amena is mean as fuck!!!!!!!
I could give to fucks about you and your mom!!!!!

I'll blow your big ass, fat ass head off. And that is beeing a Amena.
by Daniel Clifford January 11, 2008
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