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The hottest person in the world. Everyone loves her and wants to be just like her.
Guy one: "U know Ameena?"
Guy two: "Oh yea! Shes so hot!!"
by ilikemycat August 06, 2011
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A down to earth girl who's just looking for a good time. Shes very well liked and has a kinky side that doesn't show at first but will most definitely come out once you get to know her more. She probably has one of the nicest bodies...wait till you see her naked. Shes an all around nice person, who's very energetic. Her eyes are usually green typically blonde and the center of attention to pretty much every event. Guys want to date her and girls want to be her. Pretty much the chillest chick out there. If your a guy and meet a girl named Ameena don't let her pass you by cause you will surely regret it.. I know I do.
GUY: "i want her"
GUY#2: "everyone wants ameena"
by tyler montgomory December 26, 2011
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