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A person who stands back and watchs two people fight, then after one wins he gets his kills by finishing the winner off when he's going for health.
Someone kill the ambulance chaser outside of respawn
by Quake whore August 23, 2004
I\'m a lawyer, and know for a fact that \"Ambulance Chaser\" refers specifically to PI specialists - hence the \"ambulance\" bit. I can\'t see why that would have anything to do with failing companies.
by mc_mrjones September 25, 2003
Someone who has nothing better to do with their time so they follow ambulances to make sure that they aren't going to someone's house they know.
We watched a group of ambulance chasers follow the group of cop cars and ambulances.
by untamed January 31, 2004
A person who is nosy.`
he heard about an accident on the news, and being an ambulance chaser, rushed out to the scene.
by Matt January 09, 2004
Someone who chases ambulances, duh...
That stupid fucker tried to chase the damned ambulance like he could catch it... ha.
by knki October 22, 2003
A tall beer to wash down those 400 pills from mommie's dresser. Or a cold coke to dilute that McDonalds mytery meat berger, made from meat by products, cow anuses, ground bull testicles, and mashed cockroaches.
Gee, I don't want to gag on 400 pills, better get me a bud lite.
by BobL October 03, 2003
typically a lawyer who can be found in hospital emergency rooms soliciting business in regard to the circumstance of the patients therein. it is as if the lawyer had chased the ambulance from the accident scene to the hospital. typically a dishonest person.
"Don't take my word for it", said the ambulance chaser, "I can get you some phat cash for that traffic accident you caused."
by Kevin September 23, 2003
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