a lawyer who hastens to reach the scene of an accident in the hope he can be hired by the affected party.
Smith does not have enough cases to prosecute, so he decided to be an ambulance chaser.
by zooba December 05, 2009
personal injury attorney who solicits clients aggressively - usually someone who serches th enwspaper or even the street for an accident that just happened.
It was just a fender bender that afternoon and that ambulance chaser was there before the cops!
by cathy kuzia September 22, 2003
A lawyer who specializes in injury cases. Called an ambulance chaser beacuse that's how they find there clients.
No one takes his lawyer seriously. He's just an ambulance chaser.
by Anonymous September 22, 2003
A lawyer that specializes in retaining clients based on their injuries sustained from a car wreck; even if there were not any real injuries.
That damn attorney is nothing but an ambulance chaser. He has his client wearing a soft cervical collar even though they don't have a neck injury.
by Night.ER.Ninja July 27, 2014
1. A lawyer who sits around hospitals waiting to prey on unsuspecting accident victims.

2. see Shark
When uncle Leroy got hit by that molassas truck he went to the hospital and when he woke up there were three amubulance chasers trying to get him to sign a retainer.
by Miguel Sanchez September 23, 2003
the natural born enemy of physicians everywhere. a huge reason why healthcare in, for example, Pennsylvania is worse in every manner than in California. a terrible bastardization of the justice system, they hope for a lottery, shotgunning all parties involved in a particular accident in the hopes that one of these days they'll hit the jackpot. this takes away resources from people who have real claims as well as from hospitals/managed-care companies that are forced to charge more.
A: So what do you do for a living?
B: I'm a general surgeon.
A: No way! Wow, so you must make a lot of money!
B: You'd think so. My gross income is about $250K/yr pretax, but end up throwing 50% of it to malpractice insurance.
A: Wow, so doctors aren't really that greedy?
B: Generally not. In fact, if people didn't subscribe to ambulance chasers as important sources of justice, that would bring down my malpractice insurance, allowing me to see more patients while lowering my fees.
by UCLAcrewDude April 22, 2004
A journalist who races to accidents and fires in order to take pictures and sell more newspapers. Similar to paparazzi.
In an effort to sell more papers, the Tribune has more ambulance chasers than real journalists.
by David October 13, 2003
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