Douche bags that look for companies in financial crisis and then prey on them in order to suck any remaining assets or cash they may be able to profit from. They advertise in the national newspapers, on the radio and on TV.
They send unsolicited mail to companies and individuals to who have had county court judgements and winding up petitions lodged against them offering salvation and solutions. They make false promises to company directors. The companies who operate in this way charge huge fees for unprofessional advice.
oh shit i've been chased by an ambulance.
by Notorious D.O.U.C.H.E. September 22, 2003
A lawyer who doesn't have any clients
Look at the Abulance Chaser
by Cryogen-x September 20, 2003
Someone who preys on poor old suspecting people that are elderly.

A selfish act for personal gain for there cause.

A very bad attorney
An Ambulance Chaser is Someone who befriends an elderly person especially when they recently become widowed and they have motivation for financial gain and become a beneficiary and an executor to a will that was changed right before death.

Someone who does not care about anyone but themselves either a crooked phi·lan'thro·pist for there own mission of charity.
by sspotts February 23, 2007
(n.) 1. Lowest-tier personal injury lawyer possible. Shows up at the scene of accidents/hospitals because he/she has no current casework, and probably no legal expertise, let alone being able to afford an office to work out of.

2. Zombie/Vampire/Necropheliac- cult follower looking for blood/medical supplies/cadavers -- the weirdest people in the entire world.

3. Any lazy or undermotivated individual persuing a half-baked get-rich-quick scheme.
The ambulance chaser showed up in the hospital emergency rooms with business cards that had been printed on construction paper
by Al. October 10, 2003
1. a lawyer who rushes to the scene of an accident in order
to get the business of anyone who was injured

2. any lawyer(derogatory, also a rude term of adress)
Stupid ambulance chaser. When will they ever get off of my ass.
by Light Joker March 28, 2007
Lawyer. 'nuff said.
Oh, that Bonkers Ambulance Chaser!
by Paul Carney September 22, 2003
A durogatory phrase used to refer to personal injury attourneys.
"That lawyer isn't any good, he's just another one of those ambulance chasers."
by _Fabricated_ September 20, 2003
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