Member of the legal profession; someone who assists accident victims in getting compensation for avoidable or, more usually, unavoidable reasons (IE being compensated for tripping over a loose floor tile). Also used to describe anyone who profits from others' misfortune.
"That ambulance-chaser tried to get my aunt to sign a contract after her accident. She was still in her hospital bed!"
by Wings_SWmud September 23, 2003
a lesser breed of human known as an accident lawyer. to be found in accident and emergency departments and on daytime tv.
"have you been injured in the past three years?....not your fault? call the ambulance chasers and we will miraculously get you lots of money and not charge you." hmmmmmmmm
by sarah September 20, 2003
A lawyer who looks out for accidents or incidents in which he can help someone sue for his own gain
When I got into the brawl at the pub the ambulance chasers came out after me
by AgentM September 21, 2003
the 95% of lawyers that give the others a bad name
She's an ambulance chaser with the law firm of Chasem,Screwm & Craponem
by Jake February 28, 2004
An ambulance chaser is a disreputable lawyer who, if he witnessed an accident, would chase the ambulance in order to represent the victim in a legal claim.
"The guy who represented me was nothing but a damn ambulance chaser!"
by Ciaran Murphy September 22, 2003
A lawyer who advertizes during Jerry Springer. He specializes in redirecting phone calls, and screwing people out of money.
by Karie Harvey September 23, 2003
Douche bags that look for companies in financial crisis and then prey on them in order to suck any remaining assets or cash they may be able to profit from. They advertise in the national newspapers, on the radio and on TV.
They send unsolicited mail to companies and individuals to who have had county court judgements and winding up petitions lodged against them offering salvation and solutions. They make false promises to company directors. The companies who operate in this way charge huge fees for unprofessional advice.
oh shit i've been chased by an ambulance.
by Notorious D.O.U.C.H.E. September 22, 2003

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