A prescription medication writers take so they'll have something to write about in the morning.
"Like all great writers with insomnia, I took my Ambien last night, with a slug of booze, 'cause I'm a writer, and drinking is required for writers, and suddenly my mind was tripping out and you won't believe the wild tale that unfolded..."
by waterbucks August 13, 2008
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sleeping pill. if too many are taken you hallucinate and see things such as 'little concrete men' and the room moves in weird dirrections'. you may also not be able to walk without falling and looking funny and you may slur your words. its hard to remember anything..usually only a couple of small unimportant memories can be remembered.
'hey man...lets be queerbaits and go get trashed on some fucking AMBIEN! WHOOO'
by brittany March 29, 2005
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