A sleep aid that will fuck you up. Basically if you take it and don't go to bed your accross from a clingy drunk and retard. Also judgement is severely impaired, take one but hide the bottle because taking two extra always seams like a great idea under the influence. Makes you regret things the next day like wandering the house aimlously looking to annoy your parents with your new found legal intoxication.
Influenced author: Ambien is bad ass and I suggest you try it along wit xanax (not at the same time).
by CTU_FieldAgent200 June 08, 2010
sleeping pill. if too many are taken you hallucinate and see things such as 'little concrete men' and the room moves in weird dirrections'. you may also not be able to walk without falling and looking funny and you may slur your words. its hard to remember anything..usually only a couple of small unimportant memories can be remembered.
'hey man...lets be queerbaits and go get trashed on some fucking AMBIEN! WHOOO'
by brittany March 29, 2005

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