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A completely and totally free-sprited woman. She is as unique as her name. She loves hardcore and is amazing in bed. She has a heart for the world. She loves children and animals. She looks best as a brunette and is usually tall. She is the most bewildering person you will ever meet and always has stars in her eyes.
Amberly is the girl of my dreams. I hope I meet one someday.
by dreamers October 27, 2008
a person who is sweet and funny, but has a wild side just waiting to jump out at you. This person is usually really perverted as well and makes naughty remarks quite frquently.
hahaha look likes Amberly struck again!
by 28fun January 15, 2009
A very unique individual. She loves to get wasted, and is great in bed. Yet she loves to have a calmer-sweeter side. But she has a flaming temper and will crawl all over you in a matter of 5 seconds. Usually is attractive, and sexual. Not to mention blonde. VERY blonde. Over all she just wants to have a good time
Damn, that Amberly is looking good.
by NateS. March 06, 2010

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