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A well intentioned friend.
Amber, you're embarrassing me. :(
by fire starter April 16, 2013
The name given to a species of girls called Amber. Ambers are reknown for urinating publicly in order to mark their territory. If one should cross an Amberae(singular) you should call the pest control to rid the problem
john: "hey you've seen the ambers around?"
dan: "nope but i heard they mark their territory by urinating!"
by pestcontrol101 February 23, 2013
1.Amber is a common whore name for rubby girls residing in North Battleford , Saskatchewan.

An Amber is well known for being passed around and will most likely be considered loose.

Ambers have a fond tradition of becoming prego and performing their own abortion via inhaling a large quantity of ecstasy.
1. Dude 1: Hey did you hear about that Amber girl?

Dude 2: Man who doesn't know about her rubby ass miscarriage?

2. Upon looking in the toilet, the Amber noticed her baby had fallen out prematurely while she was stoned out of her mind at her fuck buddy's house who likes to take it up the butt from an Amber wearing a strap on.
by iliketurtles4523 February 23, 2013
most amber's i know are nasty,bitchy,mean,repulsive and pathetic. if you know anyone called Amber, avoid them at all costs. most of the time Amber's cant make friends because of the way they are. This is not to everyone called Amber. but just the majority. They are moody, distrustful, manipulative and arrogant.
you know that girl amber?, she is a cunning (distrustful) bitch, (avoid her) don't be friends with her, she doesn't deserve any. she will probably steal your friends anywhere because she is manipulative.
by Payback.com October 20, 2013
An extremely hormonal bitch that controls everything you do and is attention whore. she gets mad if you talk about anything sexual. she is a scumbag and thinks everyone loves her
Jacob: i met this girl on xbox last night

Sheridan: awesome is she nice

Jacob: hell no shes a Amber
by n0va147 June 11, 2013
a name for a particular form of L.S.D. in crystal or powder form that when broken down into liquid form has an amber color. Potency usually varies as per the chemists whim when breaking it down or laying sheets.
Dude, that Amber shit is blowing my mind.
by Bluejay420 July 04, 2006
The hottest redhead alive and has huge tits!
Dude, I want to cover Amber in whip cream and eat her up!
by Smokypants August 30, 2008