a seemingly shy girl who tends to have a hidden crazy side. Shell laugh at almost anything . She's the type of girl who's picky about who she hangs out with but loves her friends and family unconditionally; very loyal and intelligent. Her eyes are usually sparkling in amusement but get her mad and their sparkle with murderous intent, she is NOT the kind of person you should mess with: very tit for tat attitude so expect to e treated the way you treat her. She's very reserved and doesn't open herself up to people who don't try to get to know her, but once you do...she's an open book.

very sweet person. 10/10 friend.
She can only be described as an Amber.
by trulyalone1 May 25, 2016
A really nice girl. Her smile and big brown eyes will make you want to melt at her feet. She is hilarious. Her hair is long brown and curly. She is extrordinarily beautiful. Just care about her and don't venture into uncharted territory. She is strong but will love you right. One bad move and it will take a long while to regain her trust.
Hey man how is it goin with amber...

Not good man i said somethin wrong and now it is all downhill...
by Damanfromnorthern November 16, 2011
Amber defined from the pale orange rock substance, usually called tree sap, but the girl was far better, she was a beautiful young lady with a sensational personality that can be a tad on the spicy side if you take her the wrong way, She was very loyal to all friends and family and the stealer of my beating heartbeat, she was the girl I could not have since our schools were divided, the one whom despite breaking my heart kept me coming back for more, not even death itself or the fires of hell could hold me but after a war erupted between our two schools where her cousin died by my hand she stopped contact with me, alas poor amber is no more , but from the fruit of that arrives a new beginning for all, I have made sure that her memory will live on and made a computer script language while I was in school in her honour where from that I furfilled her dream of opening a music pplace for disabled kids, it may have cost me my own but hers was more important, LONG LIVE AMBER
Amber every new beginning begins with another beginnings end
by Thedogoftotalwar April 09, 2016
A gaming chick.
I met this amber during a match of CoD.

I met up with this amber yesterday.

Is that a amber I see?
by BF.GO June 06, 2014
hottest girl in the WORLD!!!
Girl: Everyone likes Amber, im so jealous!

Guy: Man, oh man! I wish i could be with her!!!
by Armando Ayala August 18, 2011
1) A valuable gem.
2) Fossilised tree sap, sometimes contains preserved bugs.
3) A shade of Orange.
4) A girl's name. Coincidently, a nickname for the person who matters most to me....
I want to buy Amber an amber necklace :)
by Real Carl July 06, 2006
beautiful inside and out, easy to talk to, genuine, always willing to listen, caring, dunno what I did to keep her around and very funny might I add.
Amber is gonna smile when she sees this entry. :)
by only_one_t August 08, 2016
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