/am-bur/ n. (sxy: 1988) 1. Surfer Girl/ Kewl Girl, 2. Gods gift to man, 3. One sexy down to earth female who contains the most luring eyes and breath-taking smile., 4. pure fun, an orgasmic feeling unnatural to most people 5. purely all natural and sexy.
n. (4) "while drinking heavy amounts of alcohol causing me to rip off all my clothes and run into the ocean i felt an Amber hit my body as i jumped up and down causing the crowd to clap and cheer my name."
by striden June 11, 2005
A gaming chick.
I met this amber during a match of CoD.

I met up with this amber yesterday.

Is that a amber I see?
by BF.GO June 06, 2014
A girl who is a dirty blonde and is an extraordinary dancer. She would rather have a few good friends than a lot of not friends. She often falls for guys that are younger. Her biggest insecurity is herself as no one should ever call her ugly.
"Amber is a good friend"
"Amber is a great dancer"
"I wish amber wasnt so insecure about herself, she is beautiful"
by Bananalicious June 10, 2013
A beautiful girl who is very down to Earth, maybe even a little bit too much. Also extremely smart, sweet, and even a little sassy.
"That girl must be named Amber, cuz she is just too amazing."
by JPursuitt August 19, 2011
Amazing person usually, great taste in music, she's usually absolutely GORGEOUS. She is usually shy around guys, but has them as close friends. She usually has a best friend called Sally. Always up to the eyes with homework. Likes to work hard, they always hope to get somewhere in life but never know what to do. Usually strawberry blonde. Usually down-to-earth, never swears usually too nice. Altogether great person :) (and lazy)
Friend: So, Amber wanna come to the park with me?
Amber: no. I cant be bothered.
Friend: Pllleeaassee?

(this shows the laziness and kindness of most ambers)
by catch the phrase March 14, 2010
The sexiest thing ever to walk the Earth. Lives off of coffee and the love of Hobos.
That is one hot Amber! Do you smell coffee?
by King of Hobos March 01, 2009
coolest and hottest person alive
she is the best friend and never lets anyone down
don't mess with her though, or she may kick your ass with her sweet karate skills
especially her running kick
"Man, I wish Amber was here!" *crying*
by frakster2121 September 18, 2008

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