Vintage, nautical, style, fashion, timeless beauty.
The name Amber derives from Ancient Arabic times were Goddess Amber was an exquisite beauty. Her sense of stylability and vintage 'feel' was evident even in her teenage years. She is a timeless beauty that will never fade.

Man: "Omg look at her over there, shes soooo vintage she must be an Amber"
by Lola Rose May 29, 2008
A girl with extreme beauty. Doesn't put up with anything bad. She stands up to bullies but if you try to make her your girlfriend, she'll most likely punch you in the face. Sassy and tough, she'll make you wish you were braver.
Jacob: Did you see that beautiful girl in the hallway today?
Steve: Yeah, she's a total Amber.
Jacob: I tried to smooth talk her but she kicked me in the face!
by RockTheHouse April 08, 2016
Amber is the loveliest girl you have ever met! Typically ginger with a blonde streak in her hair, she is so cute especially when she giggles. She is so beautiful in every way and can always put a smile on your face. This girl will drive you crazy to the point where you have to declare your undying love for her to the whole world
You will talk to her everyday and NEVER get bored of it, she will keep you on your toes and always keep you wanting!
Nick: i love you Amber
Amber: i know
Nick: you're so cute <3
by ambasuarus November 23, 2011
Amber is that girl you meet that makes the world seem like its on fire and dancing among the flames. She fills everyday with love and random moments of sexual tension. Also, she is really good at cooking and has big breast.

Person A: "I heard you got a new girlfriend?"
Person B: "Yeah, shes an Amber."
Person A: "Lucky bastard."
by Excille October 05, 2011
A beautiful girl who is very down to Earth, maybe even a little bit too much. Also extremely smart, sweet, and even a little sassy.
"That girl must be named Amber, cuz she is just too amazing."
by JPursuitt August 19, 2011
the best girl this is to live for
great kisser

tits haha

can act blonde but in a good way
I love amber she's so pretty I'd die for her (:
by ilya!s January 07, 2010
coolest and hottest person alive
she is the best friend and never lets anyone down
don't mess with her though, or she may kick your ass with her sweet karate skills
especially her running kick
"Man, I wish Amber was here!" *crying*
by frakster2121 September 18, 2008
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