From the Arabic name meaning precious thing she is a beautiful,attractive and gracefull who shows great loyalty to her friends also are usally brunnetts . Ambers like boys with blond hair and blue eyes and like boys who are called myles,john,Peter and are attracted to boys who are athletic and who play rugby and basket ball.
She is such a Amber
by Amberhar21mh December 06, 2014
a bright intelligent girl who plays hard to get and tries not to believe in love till she meets me right but still doesn't trust it till he proves it
This chick amber is hard to tap.
by Niggajr October 24, 2014
A stuborn independent female with a fiesty attitude.

Charming and bold speaker.
Amber is a born performer. Usually in dance or cheerleading.

This female is friends with many guys. She has at one point had a crush on them all.

Amber is for free love and retro music.

Known to roll down the windows of her car and blast load music.
Over all she is pretty freaking amazing :)
" Hey, was that Amber driving by blasting ACDC this late at night?"
by They_call_me_Amber December 26, 2009
A gorgeous young female that knows how to get everyone's attention, Amber has always got along with boys more than girls and is always mistaken as an "slut" or "tomboy". When in a relationship Amber is the best girlfriend a man would ask for, she's good looking and knows how to make a man laugh, anyone who would give up an Amber so easily is a fool. Amber's boyfriend gets jealous and paranoid easily as she gets on with boys so well but will carry on always loving her.
Sophie - "That Amber over there is such a slut."
Lauren -"No! She just has good banter and gets along with boys."
Kirsten -"I wish I was Amber."
by Phinalle March 15, 2015
Bright human being but may be agressive. Is known for creating high pitched giggles. Amber in the Native American culture was a god and the name after it was given to a person who usually doesn't behave themselves and causes problems to others around them. Usually refers to females but may be used for a male in case of transgender. Amber is creative and intrlligent which most of the time is mistaken for mischief. In Siberia amber is used to describe a female with nice sized buttocks(ass) or breasts(boobies).
Damn that amber fine.
by Escapade March 03, 2015
The best friend you could ever have sweet, caring and loving. If you know a Amber your lucky to know her and never forget her. Sporty, Admirable and sometimes a tomboy but at the end of the day she's the best person on the planet and never ever lose her. The smile and the looks create popularity but she doesn't get carried away with it, instead she stays loyal to her friends and never says die and will always stay on your side, no matter what. Amber will never turn on you, the best attitude you will see comes from Amber. Never ever doubt an Amber. They come with many, and many I say memories that you and Amber with remember forever.

For All Friends, Parents or Amber's. You will be loved forever.
You "Look at that girl, so caring!"
Friend "She must be a Amber!"
by DoubleFundamanium551 February 09, 2015
An amber is usually a brunette, but she occasionally acts blonde. She typically has a very pretty smile, pretty teeth, and luscious lips. She usually has the most beautiful hazel or green eyes, but can occasionally be brown eyed. She is very shy at first until she gets comfortable with you. Her shyness is only another example of how sweet she is. She is so gorgeous and very outgoing. She's always looking for ways to help people, and if she can't help someone, she feels bad. She has a stunning body, but has slightly small to medium sized breasts. When the right guy comes along, he'll love amber for who she is. She loves long relationships. She's a great kisser, great in bed, and amazing at giving head. When you have the chance to make an amber yours, DO NOT PASS IT UP. Take that chance because someone as great as her doesn't come around very often.
brunette stunning greeneyes perfect smallbreasts oneofakind sexy incredible mmmmm amber
Girl: Oh my god. That girl is so annoying. I just wish she moved away.

Boy: Wow, don't say that. You can totally tell you're jealous of amber. Just look at her.
Girl: Agh. Whatever.
by livetosurf November 07, 2013

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