a beautiful girl who deserves the world after all that shes been through, she is strong, talented, kind, smart, funny, and she will tell you her opinion on anything, who loves music, art, and her friends, she is naturally blonde, but she dyes her hair awesome colors, like black, blue, and purple, she has a beautiful personality, she can change your mood in a matter of seconds, she is weird but that's what makes her memorable and she knows it, and she doesnt care what people think of her, she is scared of electric pencil sharpeners so she would have you go sharpen her pencil instead, she chases crows all the time and she loves the sound of thunder before she falls asleep, music is her salvation and her religion, she does crazy things, learns from her mistakes, and loves to hang out with her friends, she hates society because everyone treats her like a child, she will look at you with those beautiful blue eyes with hope and wonder and after all that shes been through in her life shes strong enough to take down an entire army, she deserves to find happiness, and she is hard on herself and say that she is weak or stupid you say that she isnt not just to say it because you think thats what she wants to hear you say it because you mean it from the bottom of your heart, from the depths of your soul, and she never gives up on anything or anyone and wishes that she could fly to new places...she is unique in evey way, and i love her like a sister and i care about her so much
she is so strong her name must be amber.
by sabrinah25 November 23, 2013
Ambers' are just the most amazing people.. They are so smart and funny and stick by your side through good and bad times. When they smile you will forget what you were thinking about and just stop and stare. Usually short but that just adds to their cuteness! These girls have many favourite bands and love them a lot And will cry over them! She also likes frozen grapes. If you find and Amber, hold her hand and do not let her go because there isn't another girl like her.
Guy: I asked Amber out!
Me: Really?! Did she say yes?
Guy: Yep!!
Me: I'm so jealous!!! :(
by YaKnow March 30, 2013
An Amber is usually the hottest girl on the plant. She has the best personality that you'll ever see. She's usually has the most gorgeous brown eyes. But, shes the the finest giirl you will ever see!
"Was that Amber cause i think my heart just skipped a beat."

"Damn. Amber is so hott she makes the sun look frozen."

by rudolphowashere March 27, 2009
a very popular, beautiful,amazing girl. she is one of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet in your lifetime. she usally has beautiful brown eyes. really nice body (curves) she usally likes long lasting relationships. oh did i say she was really beautiful? i think i did. they have really big hearts and like to use them. <3
i wish i had a amber in my life
by jack off nigger January 25, 2012
Amber is usually a brunette with hazel eyes, and is somewhat short. She has been threw a lot in her life time with abuse and depression, but has got threw it! Amber is a person you can talk to when you need it, she will NEVER tell anyone you're secrects... But if you take advantage of her trust, she will never treat you exactly the same again. She has made some mistakes in her past but doesn't let that stop her from being someone better in her present. She's got curves and is beautiful! Her eyes are amazing and her smile is breath taking, she is talented with music and arts.. She likes to dance but is to shy to show anyone... Amber is very athletic, and she can be good at any sport that she puts effort into... Shes very un-confident with herself, and usually gets jealous of other girls not seeing her own beauty. She has lots of guy friends and had ALOT of guys chasing her with out her knowing and most girls are jealous of her. Shes amazing at sexual things and most likely has big brest... She might be shbu at first but, just get to know her!
by Hey.im.bae February 24, 2015
The best friend you could ever have sweet, caring and loving. If you know a Amber your lucky to know her and never forget her. Sporty, Admirable and sometimes a tomboy but at the end of the day she's the best person on the planet and never ever lose her. The smile and the looks create popularity but she doesn't get carried away with it, instead she stays loyal to her friends and never says die and will always stay on your side, no matter what. Amber will never turn on you, the best attitude you will see comes from Amber. Never ever doubt an Amber. They come with many, and many I say memories that you and Amber with remember forever.

For All Friends, Parents or Amber's. You will be loved forever.
You "Look at that girl, so caring!"
Friend "She must be a Amber!"
by DoubleFundamanium551 February 09, 2015
A really nice girl. Her smile and big brown eyes will make you want to melt at her feet. She is hilarious. Her hair is long brown and curly. She is extrordinarily beautiful. Just care about her and don't venture into uncharted territory. She is strong but will love you right. One bad move and it will take a long while to regain her trust.
Hey man how is it goin with amber...

Not good man i said somethin wrong and now it is all downhill...
by Damanfromnorthern November 16, 2011

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