A totally sassy unicorn who's all ways got a kebab in her hoofs she's always seen with her crew The pigeon Shagers
by NameStater5 June 29, 2014
Amber is a beautiful female name, also a pretty kind of gem and a kind of tree sap. Amber's are fabulous people, usually a brunette. They are kind, thoughtul, clever and witty but also sly, evil and cunning. You don't wanna get on her bad side!
Lilly: OMG look! It's an AMBER!
Ken: Wow...
Lilly: *giggle* I know right! I sooo wanna be her....*wistful sigh*
by 98Amber98 February 04, 2010
Amber is usually a brunette with hazel eyes, and is somewhat short. She has been threw a lot in her life time with abuse and depression, but has got threw it! Amber is a person you can talk to when you need it, she will NEVER tell anyone you're secrects... But if you take advantage of her trust, she will never treat you exactly the same again. She has made some mistakes in her past but doesn't let that stop her from being someone better in her present. She's got curves and is beautiful! Her eyes are amazing and her smile is breath taking, she is talented with music and arts.. She likes to dance but is to shy to show anyone... Amber is very athletic, and she can be good at any sport that she puts effort into... Shes very un-confident with herself, and usually gets jealous of other girls not seeing her own beauty. She has lots of guy friends and had ALOT of guys chasing her with out her knowing and most girls are jealous of her. Shes amazing at sexual things and most likely has big brest... She might be shbu at first but, just get to know her!
by Hey.im.bae February 24, 2015
The color of your energy
whoa ohh Amber is the color of our energy...Shades of gold displayed naturally
by Lola182 July 10, 2008
Loyal, dipsy, artisic, fun, mad, BEAUTIFUL, tall, skinny, perfection, bubble butt, best friend anyone could ever want!
Amber is extremly sweet and very caring. She's a bit dipsy but that's just a part of her and thats why she is so easy to get along with. I don't know a single person that could hate Amber.

She brings a smile to your face everytime you see her.

She should be a model, she is Extremly beautiful and very photo genic and knows how to hold herself.
She doesnt have to prove anything to anyone she can just be.

She has a very close friend that she can always depend on whatever! She has an amzing bum that just is like one big bubble!
Boy1: You met Amber? She is so funny, she just makes me smile and dat ass tho...
Boy2: Oh yeah she's such a laugh and she doesnt take herself to seriously which is always fun and have you seen her moderling photos!
Boy1: She's a model! Dammm...She's my kinda gal!

Girl1: You met Amber? She's so funny!
Girl2: She's brillant she's really pretty as well, apprentley she's a model too!
Girl1: Really? God dam it, she's too perfect!
by _Tiger-Lily_ June 10, 2014
A gorgeous young female that knows how to get everyone's attention, Amber has always got along with boys more than girls and is always mistaken as an "slut" or "tomboy". When in a relationship Amber is the best girlfriend a man would ask for, she's good looking and knows how to make a man laugh, anyone who would give up an Amber so easily is a fool. Amber's boyfriend gets jealous and paranoid easily as she gets on with boys so well but will carry on always loving her.
Sophie - "That Amber over there is such a slut."
Lauren -"No! She just has good banter and gets along with boys."
Kirsten -"I wish I was Amber."
by Phinalle March 15, 2015
A girl who feels insecure about herself but is beautiful. She has lots of friends. She would normally come across as a ginger girl with blue/green eyes and lots of freckles. She is talented. She can sing and play multiple instruments. She comes off as a shy girl but when you get to know her, she can bee very deep and open up to you. Don't get on her bad side though because she will eat you for her dinner.
Wow, did you see Amber? She's so funny!
by ElephantPotatoHead November 27, 2013

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