An amber is a very shy being but when you get to know the amber it becomes more comfortable with itself and other things with it.
An amber usually is brunett and has hazel or even brown eyes... Although she may have dark hair it sometimes acts blonde. Amber's are very kind, considerate and never leaves any thing out. Amber's always try to look to the positive of things not the negative xx we love all you Amber's out there xxxxx
Amber xxx
#lovely #funny #kind #caring #shy
by Xxx love the amber's xxxx January 13, 2014
She is smart, pretty, and funny. She is quiet if you don't know her, but she can be crazy as all hell when you do. She is loyal, but don't fuck with her feelings if you want to stay her friend most guys go for the more popular girl...because they are dumbasses, she is the one every guy should want cuz she is freakin awesome...
Wow that girl is really pretty man

Is her name amber?


Awww hell naaaa
#pretty #funny #smart #crazy #ermahgerdd
by gingernigglet67 January 04, 2014
A person who all her friends love dearly. Definatly NOT a slut!
Wow, she sure is an amber
#slut #friends #dearly #person #love
by Prince Arutha October 17, 2010
Amber is a beautiful,hot,sexy girl. She may act shy around others and be quiet but once you get to know her she is the most fun bubbly enthusiastic person on earth.she is very very good at keeping secrets you can tell her anything and she won't tell anyone ever. Ambers are typically very very strong and work out often they take sports very seriously they will push themselves to there maximum to achieve there physical goals. Ambers have runs of friends and many guys chasing after them when ambers get involved with relationships they take it very serious and what it to be real not fake they love to be hugged and are very very lucky if you are dating an amber. Many girls get jealous of them
Damn that girls an amber i want to be with her
#amber #gymnasr #strong #hot #sexy #love able #short
by Aligator20000006 December 13, 2014
An extremely attractive girl whos flirty personality and curvacious figure will keep you coming back for more. Good kisser, great in bed, and gives great head. When she loves she loves hard and a one man women. She enjoys long relationships and has many close guy friends. Often mistaken for a "slut" but really isn't. She can also be a super bitch if you get onto her bad side.
Aye yo that girl Amber, She bad man! Thats a bad chick right there!
#bad #sexy #beautiful #curvacious #thick #donk #smart #honest #flirty #personality
by mbrvl June 16, 2010
Beautiful, adorable girl always makes you smile when You don't want to smile at all. If your friends with her your Lucky and if you aren't than your a very stupid person and should meet her.
Person 1 "omg who is that she is so pretty
Person 2 " that's just Amber"
#pretty #amazing #cute #attractive #sexy
by The anon truth teller November 02, 2014
a beautiful girl who deserves the world after all that shes been through, she is strong, talented, kind, smart, funny, and she will tell you her opinion on anything, who loves music, art, and her friends, she is naturally blonde, but she dyes her hair awesome colors, like black, blue, and purple, she has a beautiful personality, she can change your mood in a matter of seconds, she is weird but that's what makes her memorable and she knows it, and she doesnt care what people think of her, she is scared of electric pencil sharpeners so she would have you go sharpen her pencil instead, she chases crows all the time and she loves the sound of thunder before she falls asleep, music is her salvation and her religion, she does crazy things, learns from her mistakes, and loves to hang out with her friends, she hates society because everyone treats her like a child, she will look at you with those beautiful blue eyes with hope and wonder and after all that shes been through in her life shes strong enough to take down an entire army, she deserves to find happiness, and she is hard on herself and say that she is weak or stupid you say that she isnt not just to say it because you think thats what she wants to hear you say it because you mean it from the bottom of your heart, from the depths of your soul, and she never gives up on anything or anyone and wishes that she could fly to new places...she is unique in evey way, and i love her like a sister and i care about her so much
she is so strong her name must be amber.
#strong #artistic #beautiful #fun #awesome
by sabrinah25 November 23, 2013
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