An extremely attractive girl whos crazy ass personality and door hedge figure will keep you coming back for more. She's typically a Jamaican but occasionally acts blonde. She enjoys long relationships and has many close girl friends and often mistaken as a lesbian. Also, often mistaken for a "crazy black lady" but really isn't. She can also be a super bitch if you get onto her bad side
1.That girl is such an Amber, she is freaking crazy.

2. Be careful , that black girl might be a Amber

3.I swear shes a Amber since she reads manga and acts crazy as fuck.
by Farts Moo September 30, 2013
See "jailbait"
Dude this mall is full of ambers.
by Romeo Boys October 26, 2011
An ugly ass thot with no curves whatsoever. She never wants to be single so she stays with a loving caring guy she doesn't deserve until someone else likes her. She's the most unloyal friend you'll ever encounter. She fucks every guy she runs into and is the worst girlfriend ever. She gets pregnant at 14 and refuses to get an abortion cuz she wants to see what having a kid in high school is like. She's the dumbest bitch ever don't trust her.
-Yo Mike you should go hit on Amber and see if she'll dump Jaime to go out with you.

-Nahh man that's like molesting an animal.
by Plundering Kitten April 15, 2015
a fugly slut. she likes to party with boys for obvious reasons. is usually referred to as tiffany.
that girl looks like an amber
by joaquin4232 September 29, 2014
The name given to a species of girls called Amber. Ambers are reknown for urinating publicly in order to mark their territory. If one should cross an Amberae(singular) you should call the pest control to rid the problem
john: "hey you've seen the ambers around?"
dan: "nope but i heard they mark their territory by urinating!"
by pestcontrol101 February 23, 2013
Ambers love to dance and show off to everyone. She never has boys racing to her she can be very mean a lot of the time. And thinks she is good at singing (but is not) Ambers normally can make friends but loose them very easily.
Amber is a mean untalented bitch
by cool gal 21 June 28, 2014
a name for a particular form of L.S.D. in crystal or powder form that when broken down into liquid form has an amber color. Potency usually varies as per the chemists whim when breaking it down or laying sheets.
Dude, that Amber shit is blowing my mind.
by Bluejay420 July 04, 2006

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