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Verbal attempt at pronouncing "ambulance" after provoking and losing a fight with the 67 year old "Epic Beard Man" while aboard AC transit bus.
Witness: "He's leakin'!"

Shit Talker: "bring da ambalamps"
by gthompson13 February 17, 2010
What is brought for you when your face is leaking blood, because you got beat down by a 67 year old badass.
"I just got my ass handed to me by some old white guy, bring da ambalamps"
by clyde786 February 17, 2010
The amba lamps ought to be brought after getting your ass kicked by a 67 year old man.
The amba lamps, bring them.
by ergosoft February 18, 2010
Medically equipped vehicle designed to deliver medical services in da hood style, usually after getting a cap popped in your ass, or particularly after getting an epic beat down on by epic beard man on a public transit vehicle.
"my face is leakin....summa call ambalamps"


"My shit is all messed da ambalamps"

** May also be referred to as "amberlamps".
by Big_Steve February 17, 2010
The moon cricket pronunciation for "ambulance".
Tyrone got the shit beat out of him by epic beard man.
Oh you leakin! Bring da ambalamps. Bring 'em. I'll kill dat nigga.
by 7inchpenor February 17, 2010
A mispronunciation of a common word due to a mouth being full of blood and possibly missing teeth.
"Help, I'm hurt bad! Please someone call me an ambalamps."
by GenXisT February 17, 2010
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