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Amaury is the kind of man that always remembers to treat you like a lady, super hot and completely a mans man. Funny and full of one liners, he brightens any conversation he joins. Many women lust after Amaury but he is always a one woman man. Lucky is she who get's to be his one woman, and those who had a shot but let it pass them by are forever sorry they missed out on the experience.
Girl...did you see Amaury, he is so hot!!!

Yes, but you know he's all about his woman right? Better no mess with that!!!
by chuli February 04, 2010
A dominican thot that visits Miami frequently to "beber" and gets no hoes, but loves chubby hoes.
Yo, George has been acting really Amaury lately, I saw him cuddling with a fat hoe.
by El anonymo May 24, 2016
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