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A word used by those of a lesser intelligence to berate those of higher intelligence. Example: "That would be so amature". What it really means is "You're better than I am, I suck at life. Please God, put me out of my misery."
WRSE: "You're so amature."

BOB: "Did you mean immature, or amateur?"



by SirMac June 14, 2007
76 101
Common Misspelling of the word amateur
You just spelled amateur wrong.
by Grade-A March 05, 2005
271 94
(laughing loudly!) You immature amateur... It means:

1. n. growth produced on damp organic matter; pattern
You have mold on your brain.... muahahahaha
You are lacking experience of or "expertise"
amateurish adj. "lol, amateur"

by Chrid December 30, 2010
41 60
amature at life
You are an amature at life
by Scott January 21, 2004
29 119