A really short guy with an attitude. he also has swag and a small penis. he likes indian pussy and will do anything for it. He has one of the hottest sisters in world.
Kishen: hey did you see that fag, Sunny
Sunny: Yeah dont mess with him hes an Amar:/
Kishen: Damn bruh thats ratchet
by Senior Shitlips July 18, 2012
A Bosnian terrorist and head of the Black Hand Organization and a showoff that has never kissed a girl and needs some food
Look theres an Amar someone give him some food before he blows us up with his suicide car that is a new H3 Hummer on 30in rims or before he pulls out his diamond plated sniper rifle and assassinates someone.
by Torres316 June 12, 2009
is always a woman as he cannot handle banter!!
Amar is the term used for someone who thinks they are sex on legs!!
Oh my god you are such an Amar!!!

She is such an Amar!!
by Chel_the_sex August 07, 2009

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