annoying, fugly, awful thing with smelly feet. the amount of hair that covers its body is amazingly surprising. amar somewhat resembles a chubaka. a native bosnian species.. amar can be very disgusting at times. it bites!
TJ : ewww, what is that god awful thing?

J Al: :O an amar! i am sure going to have nightmares !
by Avit May 08, 2013
Top Definition
Amar is the coolest guy you will ever meet
She Amared me in the car last night
by Colin Stylis May 08, 2008
An Indian word meaning immortal. A really good friend.
i will become Amar if i drink this potion.
by Horticulture December 17, 2007
An Indo-Aryan word of Sanskrit origin meaning Immortal, Eternal, Forever-lasting. Is commonly used for males of Hindu background. 'Amar' is also more likely to be popular as a first name.

Alternatively, is also used (but not as common) amongst Semitic and Latin people (spelt and pronounced differently though). In Arabic: from 'Qamar' meaning of the moon, and from the Spanish 'Amor' meaning to love.
Maharaja Amar I ruled a vast Hindu empire from the tip of Southern India to the mountainous regions of Afghanistan.
by ujjaindisciple February 06, 2010
A Big Brown Racist bear.
Sings Womanizer whilst asleep and digests when awake.
His level of sex is over 9000!!!!

"You guy's are pricks"
Godammit, Don't Amar - ize that corn-on-the-cob
by BorgeconPollo2 November 10, 2008
Boss of the panis crew
a leader of a funny group named after a funny word like Amar dangahling
by Manymanydiamondsdangahling January 06, 2008
A person of Indian decent whom is often associated with acts of terrorism and/or theft.
Hey, it looks like Amar robbed that bank again and killed everyone inside.
by MikieCrunkJuice January 24, 2009
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