a junior who refuses to ask out MF even though she has been sent many bottles of confidence.
Come on don't pull an Amanda.
by smyth jynja bydy January 04, 2008
condition of having a cat nose and being ugly
Amanda's ugly, she has a cat nose.
by amanda, layne, and angieee November 23, 2007
the act of anal penetrating a girl while she is handstanding, then you proceed to reach between her legs and fist her. works best if you obliterate her anus and especially if she is on her period.
"hey nick, where is your date?" "shes not coming, we Amanda'd before the dance and now shes in a coma." "did you Amanda or did you Willis?" "dude, a Willis IS an Amanda, but an Amanda is not a Willis. its like squares and rectangles brah"
by some guy named Nick January 23, 2008
verb- to knock ones self unconscious with the intent of avoiding something, such as a painful death
"Emily, just go amanda yourself so you can sleep!"
"Shit, the plane is going down! I'm gonna pull an amanda!"
by EZpunkchick December 01, 2006
being in complete obsession with vaginas or not getting enough masterbation out of ones own vagina.
kristen became an amanda when she started to masterbate 8 times a day
by gugliermo April 14, 2007
The biggest bitch you will ever meet. Her hair is shitty and her personality makes you want to cringe
Amanda is such a cunt I heard she sucks dick for money
by swwaaaaaag September 26, 2014

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