usually a preppy bitch.
attention whore.
does anything to fit in.
tries to hard to be "hot".
a bitch.
skank too.
takes everything seriously.
too out spoken.
omg that amanda whore had a weird mole in her face.
by omfgwater January 26, 2009
usually known for being ugly and extremely gross. wears rainbow make-up because she is a total faggot. gets around a lot, often referred to as a SLUT or WHORE. looks similar to a fish or aduck. QUACK!!!!!! often spreads her STD's around entire cities at once. wears very revealing clothing, is known for being obese and lesbian. people with the name amanda often commit suicide by the age of 18. they cant afford there own car, and ofthen steal money from banks. was at one point in time in a gang, and has shot someone. often lives in townhomes, and fucks little boys in her basement. known for becoming a rapist, child molestor, and/or a petifile. most of the time they become all of the above. they often drive creepy white mini vans. abduct little children with items such as candy, toys, and boobs.

Often is a major shit talker, cant back her shit up, and gets slapped by cooler people by the name of marci at A lunch. often lies about almost everything. doesnt know how to mind her own buisness, doesnt have many friends. often gets pregnant, and drinks bleech to kill the baby. she also inflicts pain on other people for her enjoyment. girls with this name often die very painful. usually by a gun shot to the head, STD's are very common with this name also.
damn, amanda sure gets around !

did you hear about that amanda ?

did you see that amanda fly by? QUACK!!!!!!

damn that amanda sure talks alot of shit.

MAN that girls amanda.
by coooooooooolkid1 December 22, 2009
(verb) To become a dictatorship and force volunteers to resign from their positions for no apparent reason (or for actually doing good). To take away special privileges, often with an undercurrent of favouritism.
Man, I just got Amandaed for voicing my opinion. And I didn't even do anything wrong!

You'd better not complain, or you'll get Amandaed.

Hey, I just got Amandaed and her boyfriend got my job!
by Not Bitter November 20, 2006
The most beautiful, warm hearted girl in the world. So funny, goofy, knows how to have an amazing time but is very very mature for her age. Has so much self respect She has the most sexy body, so petite, sexy little stomach with gorgeous breasts and a beautiful butt. She cares only about other people, puts other people before her. She hates failure. Loves succeeding. Does everything to achieve what she wants and knows is right. She is there for people she loves and cares about when they're in need. People look up to her. She is the definition of a Good person. If the world was full of Amandas, it would be a better place.. There is a kid in perticular that is in love with Amanda. Goes by the name of Nick. He'll do anything for Amanda, he treated her poorly in the past but has matured and got his act together. All he wants in his life is his precious little Amanda to hug and kiss and treat like a princess.
"My god that girl is such an Amanda"
"It's hard to find girls like Amanda"
"Nick & Amanda"
by nicky427 February 21, 2010
Slut! Can be obtained and fucked in an extreamly short time, usually to someone that has no game.
She is such an amanda.
by christopher peek January 22, 2008
-Whore of the female descent, whom tends to sleep around and contract std's.
-When you think you have an std
-When you think you may be pregnant
-Compulsive liar
-A bitch whom can never be trusted
-A woman of very low class, whom show little to no respect for those around her
my god, why does she have to act like such an amanda, she steals everyone's boyfriend?

that amanda girl lies so much! but why?

my girlfriend had an amanda the other day. thank the lord it was only an amanda, i thought i was about to pay child support for the next 18 years...wheww. what a scare.
by Ninoska;] November 23, 2007
a junior who refuses to ask out MF even though she has been sent many bottles of confidence.
Come on don't pull an Amanda.
by smyth jynja bydy January 04, 2008

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